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44 Reasons Jim Halpert Will Forever Be Your Dream Guy

Oct 20 2016 - 2:45pm

Who's got two thumbs and a whole lot of fans who are still crushing on him? This guy! We're revisiting how John Krasinski [1]'s character on The Office [2], Jim Halpert, wins everyone over. Along with his adorable floppy hair evolution [3], there was also Jim's charm and his swoon-worthy relationship with Pam [4]. To celebrate Krasinski's birthday this week, take a look at 44 reasons Jim was and always will be your dream guy.

His Everyday Smirk Is Knee-Weakening

He Embraces the Art of Jazz Hands

He Knows How to Rock a Sombrero

He Has a Hilarious Dark Side

He Always Offers a Shoulder to Lean On

He Believes in the Power of Beer

He's the Cutest of Flirts

He's Cute When He's Mad

He Knows How to Pucker Up

He Doesn't Even Try to Hide His Boredom

He Does Spot-On Impressions

He Has the World's Cutest Giggle Face

He's Adorably Anxious

He's So Sweet When He's Sad That You Could Cry

He's Totally Huggable

He Has Heartbreaking Puppy-Dog Eyes

He Appreciates Other Cultures

He Doesn't Even Try to Hide His Feelings

He's Sweetly Self-Effacing

He's So Sincere It Hurts

He Goes After What He Wants


He's Happy in the Most Understated, Charming Way

He Pranks Like No One Else

He Understands the Importance of Kissing in the Rain

He Comes Up With the Best Costumes

He Knows Just What to Say and When to Say It

He Knows How to Make People Feel Better

He's the King of Surprises

He Has the World's Best "Really?!" Face

He Calls Out the Crazy

He Basically Invented the Side-Eye Move

He's Into Spontaneous Kisses

He's the King of Real Talk

He Isn't Afraid of Big, All-Consuming Love

He Looks Just Insanely Good in a Suit

He Has a Weird and Perfect Wink

He's a Top-of-the-Head Kisser

He Has Absolutely Zero Issues With FOMO

He's Perfected the Art of Slow Smiles

He Isn't Afraid to (Fake) Ugly-Cry

He Does a Manly March

He Has a Contagious Happy-Cry

He's One Seriously Endearing Dad

And Ohmygod Did We Mention the Smirk?

We'll always love you, Jim!

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