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Joseph Morgan The Vampire Diaries Interview About Klaus

Joseph Morgan Spills About Klaus's Love Interest on The Vampire Diaries

Joseph Morgan is The Vampire Diaries's resident villain, Klaus, and I recently got to sit down with the actor to chat about playing the insidious character. Morgan talked about the love interest that Klaus is getting, though he's cagey about who it is (I'm suspecting it's Caroline after last week's episode). Watch to see what he has to say about that and what else is coming up on The Vampire Diaries.

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it's sociopathic. One minute he can be your best friend, and the next minute he's thinking how he's going to tear your throat up. A real power trip for Claus is to be able to manipulate someone. So Claus is a character that we've been told from the beginning is almost pure evil, but every week we see a little bit more humanity. So, what's going on there? I think there's only so long you can kind of sustain that two-dimensional evil before you have to learn about its roots. You have to find out about where that came from, you know, otherwise we're just gonna write him off. We're gonna hate the character, and we need to sort of understand him if we are going to relate to him in the slightest. So I think it was important for the writers to expand the upon the character's attributes and his history and just sort of flesh all of that out to make it three dimensional believable character. In real life things aren't that polarized normally. People aren't just good or evil, there's many different motivations for those things. So I think it was important to sort of try as much as we can to set it in the real world even though we're dealing with vampires and witches and werewolves Right. And ghosts. And we know one of his soft spots is his family. Yes. And I kind of say that this is his one soft spot, but are there more soft spots to Klaus? We're going to see more, yeah. There's you know one thing now we talked about, and which I've been pushing for for seems like a long time, is a love interest there is someone who takes his eye, there is someone he's interested in. And Klaus is used to getting what he wants, he's used to sort of if he can't take it, he'll compel someone into it or he'll just grab it by force or whatever but this person he's interested in having any of that, and that presents him with a challenge and also intrigues him, and as we know once you start playing hard to get that really encourages the hunter the more so yeah, there's definitely a different side to him that we'll see there. It's one thing to see that kind of tender side with his family, with his sister, for example, but it's a whole other thing with someone trying to woo someone a very crafty way of trying to narrow it down. And who is this? Is it someone we met before? So I applaud your craftiness you're going to have to get up a little earlier in the morning. There are some really strong reasons why she isn't just wooed by him straight away but you know he does have a thousand years of experience, and he's, you know, very kind of, we're going to learn, you know, a very kind of cultured man as well as being, you know sadistic killer and so there are elements from that can be very charming so it's going to be a struggle for her. Why he doesn't just compel her I think why he didn't just compile staff and straight away to sort of just be, you know, be a remorseless killer. He wanted him to come around himself to make his own decisions that, you know, it would be easy for Klaus to just compile someone to love him or to, you know, like Damon did to Andy Starr to make her his girlfriend through compulsion but I think really the real power trip for Klaus is to be able to manipulate into that, to be able to make them believe it's their decision, you know. So how much of the human is still in Klaus then? You know, I'm starting to believe more and more, I don't think we're ever going to find him hanging out at the Mystic Grill with Jeremy, you know, in his time off, but I do think there's a certain level of humanity. They talk about on our show when you're a vampire, your emotions are intensified. And so that's why a lot of vampires shut it off, but I think for Klaus, he has a very very deep well of emotion. And once his family starts appearing, things start him that, you know that it's very difficult to stop. And, so yeah, I think there's a very strong human element to him, but then you humans can be cruel as well and can be all kinds of terrible, so that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing. And I know we're going to meet more original brothers, so what can you tell me about the characters and actors playing them. Well we know their names, don't we. We know we're gonna meet Cole and Finn. and we know that they're, yeah, like you say, they're my siblings. I can't really reveal what episode we're going to meet them in or under what circumstance, but I can tell believe that I like them both very much, the actors, and we've got a proper little, you know, it's going to be a proper little gang with everybody No, I like everybody in my family now. Yeah, and I can also tell you that the, from what I've read, stroke scene, stroke hypothesize, so just being a little vague here. They each have very individual characters. Each of the original siblings are very different, they haven't just you know, there isn't just across the board, like you would be able to say, oh, I'm this one because of this and, you know, it's really easy to kind of define their personalities. And that's again credit to the writers, you know for making them three dimensional and continuing to flesh out my character. Yeah. What's the most fun thing you get to do as him. The one thing that I continue to enjoy is switch in him you know that one where one minute he can be laughing and the next minute is just like the emotion drains out of his face and suddenly the person is like wait a minute, what just happened? I like that because it's sociopathic. One minute he can be your best friend, and the next minute he's thinking of how he's gonna tear your throat out. Mm-hm. is something really interesting, that he can just flip on a dime like that, using an American expression to make it simple for you. And is he ever going to make friends with I think he desperately wants that. More than anything he's lonely. So that's really what what he wanted from Stefan, kind of what he wants from Tyler I think with this whole siren. The thing is that Klaus hasn't figured out yet that you don't make friends through fear through frightening people into being your friend you know he really has a hard time developing relationships that are based on trust because he feels like his family and he abandoned him and his father, and never loved him. And so he can't, it's so dysfunctional the roots of it all, that he has trouble kind of about Pinot's relationships with, but, yeah, I -- I hope so for his sake because otherwise it's just gonna get worse for everyone else. Yeah. is a fan. Every time you turn on an episode, there's always a little bit of a fear that this might be the episode that Klause gets killed. Oh, yeah, me too. So do you have that fear? The internet. I remember the end of season season 2 reading that big sacrifice, episode 21, and they're all planning to kill him, and they're so sure it's going to work. I started to believe it. I was like oh my god, I'm just going to flip to the end. I don't want to go yet. I'm really enjoying myself, I love my job so I'd love to play this character for a little while longer and explore a little more of him but if they do kill me I know it will be in a very dramatic, epic fashion so

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GCullen GCullen 4 years
I know it's Caroline for sure and if it's indeed Caroline then what become of tyler and Caroline? I used to love tyler and Caroline till Kalus turn him into an asshole :(
Merlin713 Merlin713 4 years
I'm so totally with you jaan!!
citygrl12 citygrl12 4 years
Wow, I can't wait to find out who this is...There are only a finite number of girl characters in that show and this is gonna be a very interesting story line...
purebloodfanpire purebloodfanpire 4 years
I suspect it's Caroline 2. Joseph is soooo Hott i love his voice, but Ian is still my fav...he's so SEXY :)
jaan_black jaan_black 4 years
lemme tell ya - I'd smash all of the guys on that show (Stefan would be last) b/c they're all hot..Ian is my #1 b/c his face is gorgeous
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