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Josh Duhamel New Year's Eve Interview (Video)

Josh Duhamel on New Year's Eve With Fergie and His Serious Resolution Routine

Josh Duhamel joins an impressive lineup in New Year's Eve, and at a recent press day for the movie in Beverly Hills, he told us the stellar cast and the movie's director played a big role in his choice to sign on for the romantic comedy. In some ways, the part made perfect sense for Josh — the holiday is always a big one in his own life. Not only is his wife Fergie's band Black Eyed Peas one of the world's most in-demand NYE performers, but Josh says he's serious when it comes to making resolutions each year. Check out our interview to find out how Josh and Fergie will ring in 2012, and catch New Year's Eve in theaters this weekend!

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We usually celebrate by me going wherever she's got a gig that night. What I think I really liked about it was the idea that this guy was having like one of those days. Tell me a little bit about your character Sam and what attracts you to the role. When I first got asked if I wanted to do the part, of course it was Gary Marshall. Sure somebody that I've always admired and I love his movies and I love the cast that they had, and I was like, "Really they want me? Okay, let me read it." And I read it and I was like, "Wow, this actually this is a good little story for this movie." I get to actually do something and not just in it. Right. And what I really liked about it was the idea that this guy is having like one of those days. Sure. One of those days were nothing seems to be going right. And you find out after he does get back to New York, after a long journey back. From somewhere in Connecticut That the reason he needed to get back wasn't just to go to a new year's Eve party, but it was a party that his family was throwing for here and this is the first time his dad is not going to be there. He lost his dad earlier in the year. There's something about that, although my dad still with, thank God he's still here. I just imagined that would be tough. And i could understand why he would want to be there. And and i didn't' want to just do it for the romantics or play the hopeless romantic. This is a guy who is transitioning between maybe a guy who's chasing women all the time, and not really taking it to seriously. To going you know what family, a woman of some couple instances, maybe he's growing up a little bit. He's learning that there's more important things than just begin a free wheeling single man. Well, one of the things I actually loved about your story line too is your romantic interest is a big reveal at the end. So what hint could you give people maybe about the actress who turns out to be. She is a female. Very revealing. Yes. Well, we'll keep it a surprise. Okay, good. Being married to one of the most in-demand New Year's Eve performers, you must have some really fun New Year's Eve memories and tradition. So how do you guys usually celebrate? We usually celebrate by me going wherever she's got a gig that night. Right. But yeah, it's always exciting. Last year, we went to St. Barts. The year before we were in Cabo, San Lucas which was great. This year she's gonna be back in Vegas, and I'll just be there following, watching. I like to sit back and watch it all. Right. I like to keep expectations low. That's a good way to go. Yeah. Because then it can only be better then what you expected. Now are you a resolutions kind of guy or not your thing? Yeah, I am. I don't know if I'd call them resolutions but they're goals that I try to set every year. I write specifically what I want to do. professionally and personally. Wow, so you actually make a list! Yeah, and I put it up on the board so I have to look at it, so that I'm constantly working towards it, whatever it is. Very cool. Any big ones this year? Yes. I'm going to learn how to rodeo. Very fun. Spend some time in Texas. Yeah. I want to learn how to try to steer. No. That would be a pretty cool one. That would be. Yeah. I'm not that manly unfortunately.

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selenar selenar 4 years
Fergie aint a bad woman to have, she be doing some different things in 2012, I hear she is now promoting a new vodka called voli, and her new pics will be coming out soon
adamglambert adamglambert 4 years
The end part of the video was kinda funny though. "Yeah, I'm gonna learn to rodeo. But no not really." Ha ha.
jaan_black jaan_black 4 years
I'll pass....Josh's NY Resolution should be to find a woman he can actually LOOK in the eye when he's having s*x...I'm sorry but he can't possibly still have a "crush" on that lol
arrowstraite arrowstraite 4 years
Huge cast to draw just about anybody but sorry, Jesus could be in it and I won't see it. I just flat out refuse. Didn't see the last one either. Not even the bootleg.
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