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Josh Harnett Cast in the New Film Gunslinger

Do You Still Care About Josh Hartnett?

In today's casting news, Josh Hartnett has a new job! He's been off the radar for a while, but Variety reports that the actor has just signed on to star in Gunslinger. The project is described as "a revenge-driven tale set in the near future in the snowy wasteland of a postapocalyptic America." To put it simply, it's an ultramodern Western.

These kind of movies aren't my favorites, but I may go check it out just for the chance to ogle Hartnett. He definitely made waves on my old-school crush radar thanks to those twinkly eyes and dimples. Remember how charming he was in the Virgin Suicides? Or The Faculty? So '90s.

The folks over at Vulture have challenged readers to name three of Hartnett's films without googling. Is it really that difficult? I just named two, but I know my fandom isn't necessarily normal, so I'd like to ask you guys: Do you still care about Josh Hartnett's acting career?

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