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Kanye's Living "The Good Life" Today

Kanye's Living "The Good Life" Today

After a week chock full of excitement, Kanye is still going strong, this time releasing his newest video off Graduation for "The Good Life" (feat. T-Pain). Awww, look! MTV named it as their jam of the week — must be part of that metaphoric olive branch they're extending to Kanye after he pledged to boycott the network post VMAs.

In case you somehow missed that tantrum (how?) — it was typical Kanye babyness. He is having the last laugh, though. Initial (and unofficial) numbers are projecting what you predicted correctly: Kanye will outsell 50 Cent in the first week. Did you buy any of the new music yesterday?

To see the video for "The Good Life" and hear a little more of what I think of it just

Hopefully this will put the moody rapper in good spirits for his Emmy performance (featuring Rainn Wilson - awesome) this Sunday. Oh, and about this video, I think it's pretty aesthetically pleasing and the song just makes me smile. Another win for Kanye. You?


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