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24 Times Kate McKinnon Made You Cry-Laugh Oceans of Tears on SNL

Aug 27 2016 - 6:00am

Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon is up for an Emmy [1] again this year, and even though the SNL cast appears to be cursed [2] when it comes to winning at the event, we hope McKinnon is the one to break the losing streak. For the last few seasons, McKinnon has broken out as one of the strongest cast members — remember the first time you saw her do Ellen, Bieber, or Ann Romney? This woman deserves an Emmy, and if you need a reminder why, here are 24 perfect examples.

When She Talked How Martha Stewart Really Would Talk

When She Made Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hilarious

And a Really Good Dancer

When She Did a Perfect Jessa in the Girls Parody

When She Brought Us Olya Povlatsky

. . . the Russian Woman With the Hardest (but Funniest) Life

When She Showed Us Her Ellen DeGeneres Impression

When She Nailed Her Justin Bieber Impression

I Mean, Just Nailed It

And When Ellen Met the Real Bieber

When She Was So Correct About Beyoncé as Ann Romney

And Really Took It Far

When She Did This Shakira Impression

And This Jane Lynch Impression

. . . and This Weird Tilda Swinton Impression

When She Made Angela Merkel Funny

When She Played Billie Jean King During the Olympics

When She and Aidy Bryant Created a Cop Show Spoof

. . . and Called It This

When She Showed Off Her Childhood Pic During a Music Video

When She Had This Amazing Moment in the Fox Parody

Watch it again [3].

And Then When She Met the Real Ellen and Had This Dance-Off

When She Played This Woman With the Worst Alien Abduction Story Ever

And Killed Ryan Gosling in the Process

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