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Is Klaus Going to Die on The Vampire Diaries?

Video: Why The Vampire Diaries Shouldn't Kill Klaus

We can't get enough of The Vampire Diaries, thanks in large part to Mystic Falls' resident villain, Klaus. It seems that everyone is always trying to take him down, but in this episode of The Buzz, BuzzSugar editors Becky Kirsch and Shannon Vestal explain why The Vampire Diaries needs Klaus.

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Is this gonna be the episode where they kill Klaus? You're gonna help kill Klaus. You will help kill Klaus. We needed to kill Klaus. What if I told you there is a way to kill Klaus? Hi, I'm Shannon Vestal and I'm Becky Kirsch. We're the editor of BuzzSugar and in this week's episode of the Buzz, we're looking at one of the best villains on TV right now, Klaus from The Vampire Diaries. And we're making our case for why the show should keep him around. We'll be talking about everything from his really cute romantic story line with Caroline to all the way that he surprised us to the reason why he's the best part of season 3. The Vampire Diaries is coming back next week after being repeats for a while. And each time there's a new episode, Becky and I kind of ask is this going to be the episode where they kill Klaus? It does seem like the entire season has been centered around his death and he's always in danger. Plus, hardly an episode goes by when you don't hear characters saying something like, "Do you know how to kill Klaus?" or "I can kill Klaus" or "I need help killing Klaus" you're gonna help us kill Klaus. It'll help kill Klaus. We need him to kill Klaus. What if I told you there was a way to kill Klaus? The writers haven't said anything specifically about what's gonna happen to Klaus, but he is a villain, which means he's always chopping block, right? Yeah, absolutely. And I recently interviewed Justin Morgan, who plays Klaus, and even he's worried about his character's demise. I remember the end of season 2, reading that big sacrifice episode 21 and they're all planning to kill him and they're so sure it's going to work, I started to believe it. This good news is is that next week's episode seems like it's mostly about Damon's so hopefully Klaus will get a break. Yeah, I hope so too. And since Becky and I really want Klaus to stick around, we're here to plead our case why Vampire Diaries should keep him. So, Becky, take it away. For full disclosure, I kinda hated Klaus in the second season. It took so long for him to finally appear and then what he did, he have that really eke long hair. But lucky for us he cut it off in the third season and now he's become the most entertaining villain we've ever seen on the show. I just love over the place. One minute he was like snapping people's necks. Then he's just like looking for a friend. It's really fun to watch. Yeah, the haircut I think was totally key. And this is a that we thought was 100% evil at first turns out now he's maybe, not so evil. And now he's kinda replaced Damon as bad boy of the show because let's face it, Damon's been softer It's true. And we're learning all dimensions of Klaus and the more I see of him the more I wanna see of him. One thing that's [xx] This is potential romance with Caroline, I got to say I'm totally over the Stefan, Elena, Damon love triangle and I'm more interested in seeing what's going on with Klaus and Caroline. Alright, well, I [xx] right 'cause you can't be over to Damon, Elena triangle with Stefan because that's the heart of the whole entire show. And even if you're over Stefan, I mean, I'm so definitely interested in the Damon, Elena story line. But I will get that it's progressing really slowly, so I am glad to see a little bit of something else. Well, this is the first time Klaus has even sparked with anybody, so it's something new, it's something different and even if things don't work out with Caroline, I'd love to see him just explore this like romantic side of Klaus. I fancy you. Is that so hard to believe? I think maybe you're drinking like a little too much of the Klaus Kool-aid. I'm not convinced that he really does have this romantic side. I sort of think it's probably just all an act to get to Tyler. Well, maybe you're right, but the romantic in me really wants to believe that Klaus is acting from his heart. One thing we can both agree on is that Klaus is the best part about season 3. she was starting to lose us, it was getting really confusing with all of that sun and the moon curse, but Klaus has been a much needed breath of fresh air. Oh yeah, that sun and the moon curse stuff really almost lost me, and I didn't look back for another either. I just feel that Klaus has brought back that bite that they had in season one. And I also love the way that he mixes up with the Salvatore brothers. He is always quick to call them out on their ridiculous crush on Elena and it just seems like he's the voice of the audience. That's right. Crazy Stephan. How's that working out for you? Klaus has become totally indispensable. I just can't imagine the show without him. So for a closing argument, we want Klaus to stick around because he's the best fill-in the show has ever seen. He's just finding love and he's favorite part of season three. And most importantly he has a really sexy accent. That's why I like you. So we hope the writers feel the same way, but let us know how you feel. And thanks for watching The Buzz.

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