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Kourtni Lind and Matt Dorame Eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance: Down to a Dozen

As So You Think You Can Dance gets further into its season, and closer to deciding who will go on tour, each elimination is getting a little tougher. With only a dozen contestants moving on to next week, which two of the folks above weren't chosen to move on? To find out and talk about it, just


Our quirk is gone! Kourtni and Matt, our Uma Thurman lookalike and ninja-mask-wearing sweetheart, were sent home on Thursday. It was hardly a huge surprise, considering that the judges had seemed to have it out for Matt since the beginning and the two of them had had to save themselves with solos a few times already. But it's still a shame, and it makes me wonder if there are just some dancers who don't work out as partner dancers at all. Every time they danced solos, I was blown away — but I can't pretend like their partner routines didn't leave me flat.

Joining them in the bottom were Comfort and Thayne and Gev and Courtney, the latter of whom made their first appearance in the bottom three. I haven't been the biggest fan of Thayne thus far, but his solo left me with the goofiest grin on my face, and in the end, I was happy to see him continue — along with Gev, who was just fantastic; it's actually a little bit of a shame that we haven't gotten to see him dance solo in so long. Meanwhile, I think I would have voted with Nigel and said goodbye to Comfort, who's yet to show me that she's the best B-girl in the history of everything, but I was impressed with her waltz, so maybe there's still room for her to grow.

Some other thoughts on Thursday's show:

  • While I do love me some ecstatic reaction shots, did anyone really think that either Kherington and Twitch or Joshua and Katee were actually in the bottom? It seemed like there were some Cat shenanigans going on there.
  • I got a kick out of seeing the good-natured Tyce get all diabolical on the worst of the auditioners, but really, the time for that sort of thing was weeks ago, when we were still doing auditions.
  • Does anyone else have an instantaneous reaction at this point where if someone says the words "OneRepublic," you have "Stop and Stare" in your head for the next several hours? I couldn't even listen to their performance, really, because I was too busy singing "Stop and Stare" inside my head.
  • It was so fun to see Robert from LA again! I honestly don't understand what he does to make his body do those things; I can't imagine having that level of control over every single one of my movements.

Your thoughts? Will you miss Kourtni and Matt? And who really needs to stand out next week to make the tour?

Photos courtesy of Fox

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