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19 Kristen Wiig Moments From Bridesmaids That Are Literally You

Jan 23 2015 - 8:00am

Even though Bridesmaids came out about three years ago, it's already become somewhat of a classic. The ensemble cast of women, including Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy, is strong, unique, and hilarious. Kristen Wiig is absolutely brilliant, despite the fact that she plays a (relatively) normal person and not one of her countless insane SNL characters [1]. But that's kind of what makes it amazing, right? Kristen Wiig is channeling all of us! Keep scrolling for all the most relatable moments from the film.

When She Reacts Like This to Lillian's Engagement

When She Speaks Candidly About Her Sex Life

When She's Single and Ready to Mingle (Sort Of)

When She Tries to Convince a Policeman She's Sober

When She's Heavy With the Sarcasm

When She Tries to Hate but Has to Appreciate

When She's Jaded and She's Not Even Sorry About It

When She Casually Tries to Sneak Into First Class

When She's Had Enough

When She Gets Really, Really Competitive About Tennis

When She Lets Loose in the Middle of a Flight

When She Bitterly Toasts to Someone Else's Happiness

When She Does This

When She Gets Real About Life and Finances

When She Vents All of Her Frustrations

When She Talks About Her Latest Crush

When She Tries to Play the "I'm the Best Friend Here" Card

When She Calls It Like She Sees It

When She Says What We're All Thinking

In Conclusion, We All Want to Be Kristen Wiig

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