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Len Wiseman Total Recall Interview at Comic-Con (Video)

Video: Director Len Wiseman on the Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale Fight Scene in Total Recall

Director Len Wiseman helms the upcoming remake of Total Recall with Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, and Colin Farrell, so when we grabbed some time with him at Comic-Con, we asked him about one of our favorite scenes from the trailer: the Jessica and Kate fight! Watch as Len talks about the actresses' skills, why their battle is way more violent than sexy, and the challenges of rebooting a famous film.

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What is the challenge like of trying to take on a reboot? Like what's the biggest challenge? The biggest challenge I'd say is the lead up to it. Honestly, for lack of a better example, this part of it, of the how is it going to compare to the other one. There's a lot of comparison talk and a lot of, because it's not its own movie yet. You know, I had a bit of this on the Die Hard film that I did, that up until it came out it was, how is this going to be different from the other ones, how are you going to stay true to this and that. And so that is really the biggest part. And you sign up for it as a director if you're going to do something, a remake or any reboot or something, you do shoulder that. But that is the biggest challenge, I think, is just the, for me anywayshow much talk there is about how it's going to compare. And then, at the end of the day, I just want it to be the best movie that it can, and it 's a very different experience, and you don't really get to know that until you watch the movie. I was talking to both Jessica and Kate about the fight scene, and I know there's a little hesitation because, you know, they were fighting each other and they didn't want to get too messed up, but how did you sort of approach the fight scene between both of them, and how did they do, in your opinion? I think they did fantastic. For one. It's a, it's a very brutal fight. My first approach to it was I absolutely want it to be the actors doing it. I thought you don't want to put Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel together and swap them out for stunt players. It just didn't seem fair, and so that was something that I made them very aware of. They were very on board for it, and we really shot it that way. It was them doing it, rehearsed it, and you know they knock about and get bruised and nicked in the face, or whatever is possible, but it's really them. And if they just, I also wanted to make sure that it was just a really efficient fight between two agents in their own right. And not play it up too sexy, or overtly just with torn shirts and torn. It's like a lot of things that people like me think it's ought to be, it's just a really violent fight. And if you could choose any other film to reboot, what would you pick? Oh man, to reboot? I don't know. I kind of With me, it's never been a plan either. You know, I spent the last three years after Die Hard, obsessively trying to get my original work back, back in the mix. And it's really kind of difficult now, in this era, to get, if it's over a certain amount of, if it's over $100 million to get something that's original work, not a title not a comic book, It's quite tough. But that's actually what I kind of started my, you know, started my carrer that way, I'd like to, you know, get some of those out there as well.

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