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Lipstick Jungle Recap: Episode 6, "Take the High Road"

Lipstick Jungle Rundown: Episode 6, "Take the High Road"

With just one more episode left in Lipstick Jungle's mini-season, it appears the writers are actually pushing us toward a fairly eventful conclusion. What that meant, for this next-to-last episode, was to set several of the show's most solid relationships on the road to turmoil. None of our ladies were in a particularly great place by the end of this episode, and I'm actually eager to see how everything comes crashing down next week. But I'm getting ahead of myself. To chat about this episode, just


  • First of all, I spent most of the episode with the creeps about Victory's mystery investor. I thought the man who stepped in to save her when she was "one chapter away from 11" was going to have some sort of seriously sinister motives. That scene when she asked for the feathers in the special shipping case was hilarious; I didn't know Victory could think on her feet like that.
  • At first, I didn't like the revelation that Joe Bennett was behind the investor, but the more I think about it, the more the idea grows on me. Victory clearly has a complex about getting ahead only because of her friends, and we saw from the early episodes that she has mixed feelings about accepting luxuries from Joe. This is the ultimate luxury — and it also means that she's completely beholden to Joe, the one thing she didn't want.
  • Speaking of which, I'm enjoying Joe Bennett more and more. Of course he wouldn't understand why Victory didn't want him mucking around in her business; to him, it's all business. Even the romance of moving in together is all about problem-solving — and who uses the word "mitigated" in a lovers' quarrel?
  • On that note, best Victory/Joe exchange: "Is there room for some spontaneity?" "I think that can be arranged."
  • I didn't realize until last night that Nico and Wendy actually worked for the same company. I thought there was some kind of drama because Nico's boss had once worked with Wendy and then she quit after having children? Did I completely misunderstand that?
  • So, Wendy feels betrayed by Nico because Nico is potentially destroying her marriage and the friendships of their whole circle. I get that. I also like how transparent she made her feelings about it, which seemed very true both to friend fights in general and to what we've learned so far about Wendy specifically. That scene in the bar, when both Kirby and Wendy stood up to greet Nico, was fine — but the following conversation, with all of them just struggling to be civil, was great. How awkward!
  • That said, Wendy definitely crossed a line — and she knew it — with her "Thank God you're not a mother." As we saw on Friday Night Lights earlier this year, that's the absolute worst thing you could say to someone who's not a mom.
  • I cringed a little when Kirby said "We're friends, right?" to Nico — I thought they were still trying to be all benefits, no friends. But that little moment with the cheeseburger order was adorable.
  • In the sad absence of Maddie in the past few episodes, Victory's assistant is quickly becoming my new favorite character. He's sort of a less overtly nerdy Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock.

Your thoughts? Whose side are you on: Nico's or Wendy's? And how annoying is it that they seem do be doing the whole "man has a heart attack while his wife is off sleeping with another man" cliche next week?

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