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Lipstick Jungle Recap: Episode 7, "Let the Games Begin"

Lipstick Jungle Rundown: Episode 7, "Let the Games Begin"

On this week's Lipstick Jungle, Kirby's mom (played by Rosanna Arquette) stops by to make things very, very awkward in Nico's cradle-robbing life. Wendy gets concerned that Shane wants to do some cradle-robbing of his own, and Joe Bennett is nowhere to be seen for a while after his big embarrassment last week, but his presence is very, very much felt. Want to talk about it? Just


  • So, Kirby's mom is basically Bizarro Nico. Nico's worried about wearing a tight dress; Tina shows up with some major cleavage. They've got similar tastes in shoes, and they even went to the same Annie Lennox concert back in the day. So, Nico starts to wonder: Does Kirby just want to date a woman who's exactly like his mom?
  • And you know, if I were Kirby, I probably would have been freaked out, but he seems to love it, even prompting Nico to tell his mom about their visit to that weird strip-and-switch-clothes club. Ew!
  • Meanwhile, Wendy's worried that Shane is stumbling into an age-inappropriate love affair of his own when he goes and gets a manager, who happens to be young and hot. She gets Shane a job scoring an Irish movie, and that brings out two sides of Wendy that apparently go hand-in-hand: the overly enthusiastic producer who wants Shane watching Irish movies at all hours, and the paranoid wife who, incidentally, happens to be the only one in that marriage who's dipped a toe into infidelity so far.
  • That incident rears its head when Dennis comes over with a bottle of wine, a peace offering after that awkward kiss. Shane, naturally, suspects nothing and even invites Dennis to dinner.
  • If there's one thing we know about Wendy, it's that she has to tell the truth eventually, so she admits the kiss to Shane (though she makes it seem like it was all Dennis's fault, which is maybe not entirely how it happened, but you know, close enough). And he's angry, not about the kiss but about the lying. Why, he wondered, did Wendy not tell him immediately so they could laugh about it?
  • Joe Bennett, meanwhile, has been avoiding Victory ever since her show, not even helping her learn about tennis so she can make a good pitch to a star athlete who wants to design a collection. (On that note: Hey, Vic? It's called Google.)
  • I get that Joe's hurt about the Rodrigo thing, but honestly, did anyone else think he was being way too much of a jerk? Especially when if he'd bothered to talk to Victory — or Nico, or anyone — he'd have known the Rodrigo thing was over. And setting Victory up to fail in front of the potential client made me want to punch him. Dude: You never asked her to marry you.
  • Which is basically what his assistant discovers when she shows up at Victory's and accidentally spills about the ring. Whoops.
  • Meanwhile, to one-up Tina, Nico asks Kirby to move in — but Kirby's not sure she means it and asks her if she would have gone back to him had Charles not died. I'm kind of with Nico that it's an unfair question, especially because Nico only discovered the extent of Charles's cheating after his death. But Kirby also wants to know that Nico chose him.

Are Nico and Kirby headed for some serious trouble? Are Wendy and Shane the most well-adjusted married couple ever? And is Joe actually going to try to get a refund on that Cartier ring?

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