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Lipstick Jungle Recap: Episode Eight, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Prada"

Lipstick Jungle Rundown: Episode Eight, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Prada"

The latest episode of Lipstick Jungle left me feeling even more bummed about the show's apparent cancellation (which, incidentally, is being denied by its stars). There's just so much left to resolve! In this episode, Wendy, Nico, and Victory discover there's life beyond New York City, heading to a country retreat for a few days of relaxation. But tension between the three threatens their weekend of calm. Ready to chat about it? Just


  • First of all: The best time for three friends to go on a retreat to a cozy, "no cell phones allowed" country spa is definitely not when they're already on the verge of a nasty fight. But that's exactly what happens when Wendy, Victory, and Nico take off for their trip. Obviously, any secret they were once keeping (Wendy's job interview, Joe's near-proposal) would come spilling out the second they were in an austere, secluded environment with no booze or chocolate.
  • That said, the scenes of them planning and packing for the weekend have some of the episode's best moments, like Victory saying she'd make her 1 p.m. margarita with two shots instead of three and Wendy insisting it's OK that she'd packed nearly as much as Victory had because she's taller.
  • So each of the ladies has a major decision to make once they reach the spa: Victory's wondering what she would have said if Joe had proposed; Wendy's trying to decide whether to take another studio job or remain independent; and Nico's finding herself drawn to the charms of the country and wonders if she should step back from city life.
  • It comes out rather quickly (after one shared piece of nasty faux chocolate) that Wendy and Nico knew Joe wanted to propose. Victory flips out, of course, and wonders why they always treat her like a child, but after a quick apology down at the juice bar, they're all friends again.
  • The scene on the patio with the angry meditators reminded me of the episode of Brothers and Sisters where Nora and her daughters get kicked out of the spa. Of course these three can't keep quiet!
  • All talking is cut short, though, when Kirby shows up with beer and he and Nico head out to a field for some sweet country sex. But things aren't all rosy, because when Nico hints that she likes the rural life, Kirby kind of says she's crazy.
  • Meanwhile, Victory realizes — after an almost-kiss from her masseuse — that she would have said yes if Joe had proposed. ("What do you wish you'd known at 25 that you know now?" "Don't kiss your contractor if you want Joe Bennett to call you back.")
  • The three take off early for the city ("there's leaving, and then there's fleeing") and everything falls apart on the drive back: Nico confronts Wendy about the job offer, and then there's possible roadkill, and then the car won't start. While they wait for a Joe Bennett rescue, Nico tells Wendy she's hurt that Wendy broke their deal to run their company together. But hey, Joe's on the way, so at least that will end well, right?
  • But when Joe arrives, he gives Victory the paperwork for her business and tells her he's not comfortable as a business owner or as a friend. And then he leaves! I mean, if I were Victory, I probably would have just yelled "I love you, Joe Bennett!" — but Victory settles for sobbing.
  • At least the episode ends on a cheery note, with the three friends "retoxing" on liquor pilfered from Joe's limo.

So, Joe's out of the picture, Wendy's not getting back into the studio game, and Kirby and Nico seem to be drifting apart — while she and Griffin are getting closer. With only five episodes to go, is there hope for a happy ending?


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