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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Rooting For Logan and Veronica Mars

Mar 11 2014 - 12:45pm

With the Veronica Mars movie [1] just a few days away now, we absolutely can't wait to be reunited with our favorite onscreen detective. And more importantly, we can't wait to see if Veronica will be reunited with her perpetually smoldering love interest, Logan. The duo was looking pret-ty adorable on the most recent cover of EW [2], bringing us back to the golden years of their love/hate teenage relationship. There were some some serious highs (that first kiss!) and some heartbreaking lows, so let's feel all those feelings again as we track the rocky romance of Logan and Veronica that we couldn't help but root for.

Source: Warner Bros. [3]

When Logan Smashes Veronica's Car

Every Time Logan Is Mean to Veronica in Season One

Source: Gramercy Pictures

When Logan Asks For Veronica's Help Finding His Mom

When Logan and Veronica Kiss For the First Time

When Veronica Stands Logan Up For Their Boat Date

When Logan Calls Veronica His Girlfriend in Front of His Friends

Source: TBS [4]

When Veronica Accuses Logan of Murdering Lilly

Source: Entertainment One

When We See Flashbacks of Their Hot Summer Together

When Veronica Picks Duncan Over Logan

Every Time Logan and Veronica Are Adorably Bantering

Every Time Logan Booty-Calls Kendall

When Duncan Leaves Town

When They Tried to Make Logan and Hannah a Thing

Source: Netflix [5]

When Logan Tells Veronica He Thought Their Romance Would Be "Epic"

When Veronica Shows Up at Logan's Door and He's With Kendall

When Logan Saves Veronica From Beaver

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When They Get Back Together After Graduation

When They're Still Together at the Start of Season Three

When They Start Fighting. A Lot.

When Logan Rescues Veronica From the Hearst Rapist

When Logan Dumps Veronica on Campus

When They Get Back Together Right Away

When We Find out Logan Hooked Up With Madison

When Logan Stops Showering and Leaving His Hotel Room

When Veronica Starts Dating Piz

When Logan Beats the Living Daylights Out of Piz

When the Series Ends With Logan and Veronica on Uncertain Terms

When We Saw Veronica With Piz on the Set of the Movie

But These Stolen Glances Speak For Themselves

And No Matter What, They Can Never Take This Away From Us

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