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"Lost" Episode 12: "Par Avion"

"Lost" Episode 12: "Par Avion"

Okay, so here's what I learned from last night's "Lost": Charlie and Claire can fit an awful lot of words on a small piece of paper. Also: It's pretty easy to just walk up to a seagull and grab it. But I digress... kind of. Here are my thoughts on last night's episode, "Par Avion."

It's Hard to Care Much About Claire
I don't know why, but it's not that interesting to know about her past. For about the millionth time, the episode opens with the opening of an eye, the way the "Lost" pilot began with Jack's eye. We learn that Claire and her mother were in a car accident, which may or may not have been Claire's fault. Claire's mother is in a vegetative state, which would be a problem financially if they didn't have a mysterious benefactor paying their bills. The person's identity, of course, is a spoiler, so to find out who it is,

It's Jack's dad, Christian, who reveals that he is also Claire's dad. Whoop-dee-do! Many of us have already speculated that Claire and Jack are siblings, and I am relieved that Claire and Jack never got it on, because how awkward would that be now? When Christian heard about Claire's mother's accident, he introduced himself to Claire and urged her to take her mother off life support. She was resistant to that idea, probably because she felt so guilty about possibly causing the accident. Summing up the theme of the episode, Christian says, "There is hope and there is guilt, and believe me, I know the difference," implying that Claire is keeping her mother alive for the wrong reasons.

On the beach, Claire becomes obsessed with capturing the sea birds that she assumes are tagged. In the end, Desmond catches a bird, and Claire and Charlie write a long note on a scrap of paper and attach it to a bird before letting it go. My theory? The bird and note will show up in one of the character's flashbacks, furthering this idea that being on the island messes with time and space.

Speaking of Which...
How many ways can Charlie not-die? Like a watchful nanny, Desmond objects to whatever Charlie does or wants to do, predicting Charlie's death at every turn. Like Claire with her mother, he is keeping Charlie alive... whether it's for the "right" reasons we'll find out.

Could Have Done Without the Frothing at the Mouth
In the jungle, Kate, Sayid, Locke, and Eyepatch Guy — er, Mikhail — are making their way toward the Barracks.

  • Mikhail says, "They brought me on the submarine. Two weeks ago our underwater beacon stopped emitting its locater signal. There was an event. An electromagnetic pulse." Then he says Kate wouldn't understand because she is not on the List, and that people are not on the List if they are "flawed, angry, weak, or frightened."
  • Furthermore, his leader is not Ben, but a "him" greater than Ben.
  • Mikhail knew Locke before, but of course just when he's explaining how, Rousseau interrupts, pointing to the Stonehenge Alarm System/sonic barrier fence in the field. Really, Rousseau, couldn't it have waited one more minute?

  • Locke shoves Mikhail at the barrier, and Mikhail dies a grisly death, frothing at the mouth and gushing blood. He looks at Locke and says, "Thank you" before meeting his demise.
  • I think Locke pushed Mikhail so the others wouldn't find out whatever Mikhail knew about Locke.
  • Earlier in the episode, Locke says he didn't know the Flame hatch had been wired with C-4, claiming to not know that entering 77 would cause the place to blow. But then Sayid finds a thing of C-4 that Locke took from the hatch. All a plan to make sure Mikhail died? Discuss.
  • For a long, uncomfortable scene, Kate crotch-shimmies up the tree thing to get over the barrier. Then the men follow, but we don't have to watch them crotch-shimmy. The now-trio arrive on the edge of the Others' barrier, just in time to see this shocker: Jack playing football with his new buddy Tom!

Some Questions

  • Seriously, why is Sun not showing yet? After that 3-month hiatus they took, you'd think she'd have a bit of a bump, no?
  • If Kate's so "flawed," why was she on a "list" before, when the Others took her?
  • How did Mikhail have so much knowledge about everyone?
  • What is up with Jack being so chummy with the Others? Has he been converted or is he winning their trust so he can later use them for something?

Next week we finally find out what the deal was with Locke's past paralysis. Hopefully it will also explain why Locke's been acting like such a weirdo lately.

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