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Lost Episode 13: "Some Like it Hoth"

Lost Episode 13: "Some Like it Hoth"

My favorite part of this Lost episode? The Star Wars talk.

Otherwise, it's a whole lot of Miles and his father issues. This show has a long history of daddy issues. Some mom issues, too, but mostly dad stuff. I like Miles's stories because of his whole communicating-with-the-dead ability, though after some tense episodes, this one's a little on the tame side in comparison. I'm still curious to find out how Miles came to have his gift. To chat about "Some Like it Hoth,"


  • As a sweet little kid, with no trace yet of the snarky, sarcastic guy we now know, Miles finds a dead guy who he can "hear." Later, he exploits grieving people, taking their money to talk with their dead loved ones.
  • Horace brings Miles into his "circle of trust," and has him pick up a "package," which turns out to be a dead guy who "fell into a ditch" ("The ditch had a gun?"). Miles needs to bring the body to Chang at the Orchid and Hurley has to bring his sandwiches there, so Hurley wants to carpool to maybe prevent global warming.
  • Flashback to a younger, more pierced Miles asking his sick mother why he is the way he is, and what the deal was with his dad. She says his father kicked them out when Miles was just a baby. "Your dad has been dead a long time." Miles wants to find his father's body.
  • Hurley finds out about Miles's ability and tells him he can talk to dead people, too, but Miles explains, "What I can do has nothing to do with chatting with ghosts, you nitwit. It's a feeling, a sense. When somebody's dead their brain stops functioning which means there's no more talking. There's just who they were and what they knew before they died."
    Hurley: "You're just jealous my power's better than yours." Meanwhile, "Love Will Keep Us Together" plays on the radio, which I think is kinda funny, especially since there seems to be a sort of friendship developing between Hurley and Miles.
  • At the Orchid construction site, Chang is not happy that Hurley knows about the body, and he threatens to ship Hurley to the Hydra island where he can weigh polar bear feces for "their ridiculous experiments" if Hurley tells anyone.
  • Naomi approaches Miles and brings him to a dead body. Miles says the guy's name is Felix, and he was on his way to deliver something to Widmore. He seems disturbed by the information he gathers from Felix. Naomi explains that she's going on an expedition to an island where there are a number of deceased individuals who can provide valuable information. In exchange for Miles's help, Widmore will pay him $1.6 million (ahhh, so this is why, in "Eggtown," Miles blackmails Ben for exactly twice that amount: $3.2 million).
  • Hurley asks Miles about "all the Dharma dudes" who are going to die — doesn't he want to save them? "I can't save them! They're gonna get killed no matter what I do. So, why bother?"
  • Chang says he has a 3-month-old son named Miles. Hurley asks if Chang is a fan of jazz, like Miles Davis. "My wife is. I like country." Hurley suggests they all get together for a beer sometime. "How awesome would that be?" Then he sees construction workers building their hatch, "the one that crashed our plane."
  • Bram, of Bram and Ilana, tries to convince Miles not to go to work for Charles Widmore. "Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?"
    Miles: "No, can't say that I do."
    Bram: "Then you're not ready to go to the island. But if you come with us, all those things you've spent your life trying to find out, you'll know. You'll know who you are, Miles. Why it is you've got a gift. And most of all, you'll know about your father." When Miles refuses, Bram tells him, "You're playing for the wrong team."
  • Hurley thinks it's awesome that Miles can now hang out with his dad. "Maybe he'll let you hold baby you, or you can change your own diaper." This happened on an episode of Heroes, in which Claire held and played with a baby version of herself, and I found it kind of creepy.
  • I love this so much: Since it's 1977, Hurley thinks he'll send George Lucas the script to his Star Wars sequel. So he's writing The Empire Strikes Back . . . "with a couple of improvements." Then he uses Star Wars as a cautionary tale for Miles, saying that Luke was mad at his dad too, and instead of "putting away the lightsaber and talking about it, he overreacted and got his hand cut off. I mean, they worked it out eventually, but at what cost? . . . That all could have been avoided if they'd just, you know, communicated."
  • Sawyer tells Miles to erase the security tape that shows Sawyer and Kate bringing Little Ben through the sonic fence, but later Phil finds it and comes to Sawyer. Naturally, Sawyer hits him and tells Juliet to get some rope.
  • Baby Miles is ridiculously cute, and I myself felt a little choked up to see Adult Miles watching his dad playing with Baby Miles.
  • Chang needs Miles's help bringing in scientists from Ann Arbor, and one of these scientists is — yay! — Daniel Faraday! Hallelujah, the Faraday's back.

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