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Lost Episode 15, "Follow the Leader"

Lost Episode 15, "Follow the Leader"

Wow, we're already just a week away from the fifth season finale of Lost. I feel like this season has flown by — and I've been pretty much satisfied with it. What about you?

And what did you think of this week's episode? It features Richard quite a bit and I found myself really enjoying that. I hope we find out more about this man that time forgot. Otherwise this episode is a jumble of stuff having to do with a hydrogen bomb, island tunnels and romantic dramas. To chat about it all,


  • Before Faraday is shot, Jack wonders, "What if this is our one chance to put things back the way they're supposed to be?"
  • Richard the Ageless is working on a ship in a bottle when Locke ambles up with a dead boar, jabbering on about errands and his newfound purpose. Ben explains to Sun that Richard is "a kind of . . . adviser. And he's had that job for a very, very long time." So Sun asks Richard if he recognizes Kate, Hurley, etc. and Richard replies, "I remember meeting them, very clearly, because . . . I watched them all die."
  • Locke: "I don't think we went through all this for nothing, Sun." I'm pretty sure the Lost audience is hoping you're right about that one, Locke.
  • This exchange between Kate and Jack made me sad. At Jack's suggestion that they can just wipe away all the misery they've gone through, Kate vehemently insists, "It was not all misery."
    Jack: "Enough of it was."
  • Between Jack getting whacked in the face with Young and Strapping Charles Widmore's gun and Sawyer being beaten by Radzinsky, this is a pretty bloody episode.
  • Ha! Dr. Chang grills Hurley. "So you fought in the Korean war."
    ". . . There's no such thing. . . . Alright, dude, we're from the future. Sorry."
    Miles: "If Faraday said, 'Get people off the island,' I'd do it." So, Dr. Chang takes his son-from-the-future's advice and starts to get people to leave the island.
  • I'm not positive, but I thought I heard Charles murmuring to Eloise something about "her condition," with his hand hovering by her belly. That is crazy if she's pregnant when she shoots her son. . . .
  • Locke asks Richard to bring him to Jacob. "I am the leader now, right?"
  • Locke brings Richard and Ben to the place where the past Locke finds himself on the island, after being shot, and explains to Richard what's going to happen (take out the bullet, tell past Locke that he needs to get the others to come back to the island, etc.). Locke and Ben look on (Ben: "This must be quite the out-of-body experience"), and Ben wonders how Locke knew when to be in that location. Locke: "The island told me. Didn't it ever tell you things?" Then it dawns on Locke that Ben's never seen Jacob.
  • I was just wondering where Sayid was when he comes to Kate and Jack's rescue in the jungle! And in a sexy black tank top, no less.
  • Miles realizes now that his father was mean to his mother so that she would leave with Baby Miles and they'd be safe. Awww.
  • Sawyer strikes a deal with Radzinsky and Co. and draws them a map to the hostiles in exchange for a submarine ride back to the "real world" (as Juliet puts it). Sawyer takes a last look at the island. "Good riddance." And he still gets a surly nickname in this episode, calling the guy handcuffing them on the submarine "Nemo."
  • Richard, Jack, Sayid and Eloise swim to an opening that brings them up to some tunnels and Eloise leads them to the bomb. "Well! Now what?"
  • Haha — Richard: "I'm starting to think John Locke is gonna be trouble."
    Ben: "Why do you think I tried to kill him?"
  • John addresses the group, saying that he'd like to know who this guy is who's giving orders. "I'm gonna go and see Jacob. Right now. And I'd like all of you to come with me."
  • Don't you just hate it when you're sitting handcuffed in a submarine across from your boyfriend, about to leave a weird mystical island and your boyfriend's former love comes down and is handcuffed right next to you? Awk-ward.
  • Ben: "Then why are we going to Jacob?"
    Locke: "So I can kill him." Locke wants to kill Jacob??

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