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Lost Episode Four: "The Little Prince"

Lost Episode Four: "The Little Prince"

Aww, I love the title of this Lost episode, "the Little Prince." Of course it's a reference to the French book The Little Prince, which was inspired at least in part by author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's real-life experience of being stranded in the Sahara desert after a plane crash. I'm not an expert on this book at all, but as Lost is wont to make me do, I'm now reading meaning into every little bit of it.

Do you know The Little Prince? Did any significant parallels strike you between that book and what's going on in the crazy twisty world of Lost?

To chat about this and other awesomely surprising parts of this week's episode,


  • Lost just keeps pulling these twisty surprises on us and personally, I'm having a ball with this season so far. I love that there's a show that makes me jump off the couch and yell things (like, "Lady doesn't even know about Aaron!?! Is that Jin?! Ohmigosh, ROUSSEAU!!!").
  • Initially I thought "the little prince" merely referred to Aaron (he lives on an asteroid, but visits Earth. . .), which may be true. But there are plenty of other possibilities as well. I thought of the whole thing with the snake who says that by killing people he can send "anyone he wishes back to the land from whence he came." Locke? Agh, I could drive myself crazy finding correlations between these two things.
  • Also, apparently "Besixdouze" ("B612"), which is found written on the wreckage on the beach, is a reference to the asteroid on which the Little Prince lives in the book.
  • We go back in time to see the moment Kate decides to keep Aaron and Jack wants to tell everyone to lie. Jack wants to know if Kate's with him on this plan and she answers, "I have always been with you."
  • Sun gets a delivery — a dossier, photos of Ben and Jack. And (just in time for Valentine's Day!) a box of chocolates with a gun hidden at the bottom. Remember the last time Sun held a gun? She pointed it at an Other named Colleen and demanded to be let off the boat. Colleen's response was less than satisfactory, and Sun shot her. I wonder who sent her this romantic little package?
  • Sawyer's all mad at Faraday for not saying anything even though he knew that this would happen to Charlotte, which works like "really bad jet lag" on the internal clock. Faraday thanks God that it's not happening to all of them. . . until it kinda does start happening to them (Miles and Juliet, anyway). Faraday explains that he thinks it has to do with "duration of exposure," the amount of time one's been on the island, which means Miles might have spent more time on the island than he thought.
  • Locke suggests going back to the Orchid station because he wants to bring back Jack, Kate, Sayid, etc. He plays on Sawyer's love for Kate, but Sawyer has to wonder what Locke could say to Kate to get her to come back to the island. Later Sawyer comes across Kate and Claire in the woods. Honesty? I might have cried a little to see Sawyer watching Kate coach Claire through the birth of Aaron.
  • Ben shows up to the hospital where Jack has taken Sayid. Soon after, a male nurse guy goes to give Sayid meds, but it's pretty easy to tell he's the enemy. So, Sayid pulls some of those "crazy ninja moves" (as Hurley put it in "The Lie") and takes the guy down. He finds Kate's address on the guy.
  • Quite simply, this is the best: "Dude, I'm totally cool, I'm in LA County lock-up."
  • Jack goes to Kate and together they follow Mr. Norton — to Claire's mother's house. Jack wants to go inside because, as usual, he thinks he can fix things. "I can fix it. Aaron is my family, too." (Well, yeah. More so than most, actually!) But when he tries to convince her not to seek custody of Aaron, she says, "Who's. . . Aaron?" The truth: Mr. Norton is working for Ben.
  • This seemed significant: Locke says he needed the pain of the past "to get to where I am now."
  • I've gotten a couple random emails from Ajira Airlines, and I've gone to the website before, but now they're finally showing it on the show — on the water bottle in the long rowboat-y thing.
  • The rowing scenes are like Sawyer comedy hour with his "Time travel's a bitch" and screaming "Thank you Lord!" when they are saved from the rain of gunfire — only to be transported to a time of a heavy rainstorm. "I take that baaaaaack!"
  • It's sweet of Juliet to ask Sawyer about Kate since Juliet seems destined to always play second fiddle to Kate — whether it's with Jack or Sawyer.
  • Once back on the beach, they come across wreckage that turns out to be from Rousseau's science expedition. She and her fellow French guys find a guy floating unconscious in the ocean — and it's Jin! They bring him to shore and the young pregnant French woman turns out to be Rousseau herself! Aaaah! I love this show.
  • Back in L.A. (or. . . in future L.A.?) Jack, Ben, Sayid and Kate all gather at the pier and Kate suddenly knows that Ben is the one who wants to take Aaron. Then we see Sun in a car, reaching for her gun and opening the door. . .
  • I look forward to next week when Sun pulls the gun on Ben — but then he pulls out the information that Jin's not dead. Can't wait!

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