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Lost Episode Three, "Jughead"

Lost Episode Three, "Jughead"

"Look over there, beyond where you can see, there's an island. And it's a very special island. . . it's called Great Britain." Ha! I don't even know where to begin with this episode of Lost. My brain is tired. How's yours doing?

You can help me process it by discussing all the craziness if you


  • Aww, Desmond and Penny have a baby boy! And they name him Charlie, which is so sweet, though it's also Penny's father's name. Their kid is named after the guy who died helping Desmond and Penny reunite — but it's also the same name as the person they fear and loathe.
  • Penny wonders about Desmond's dream-memory of Faraday coming to him at the hatch. "Why didn't you remember it until two days ago?" Oh, Penny. You and your logical ways.
  • So, Desmond goes to Oxford to find Daniel Faraday's mother, but the lab in which he once visited Daniel is all shut up. Inside, though, Desmond finds a photograph of Daniel with a young woman. The guy says, "Rumor had it he was trying to send rats brains back in time" and that the university erased all traces of Daniel after "what he did to that poor girl." That poor girl is Theresa Spencer who is now in a vegetative state. According to Theresa's sister, Faraday just left her like this.
  • Also: Charles Widmore was Faraday's benefactor, funding all his research. Now Widmore sees to it that Theresa Spencer receives medical care.

  • Meanwhile, back at the ranch (er, time-shifty island), Faraday, Miles, Charlotte, Sawyer, Juliet and Locke find themselves in 1954 and a bunch of Others — led by Richard Alpert, who looks like a Mabelline ad — are rather suspicious of them. The female one is named Ellie (I thought it was kind of weird-cool when we see her pointing the gun from her point of view, like a video game), and though the others assume the three are U.S. military, Ellie has her doubts.
  • Who does Faraday think Ellie looks like?
  • Alpert tells Faraday to disarm the hydrogen bomb, named "Jughead" which, apparently, "was the code name for an actual nuclear test that took place in 1954."
  • The Others guys are speaking Latin, but luckily Juliet speaks it, too, because it's "Others 101. Gotta learn Latin. It's the language of the enlightened."
    Sawyer: "Enlightened my ass." Ha!
  • I totally forgot that Miles is a ghost whisperer! That comes in handy sometimes, huh? "Four U.S. soldiers, dead just under a month, three of them were shot, one died of radiation poisoning." Alpert later claims he was forced to kill 18 U.S. military people because they wouldn't leave the island peacefully.
  • I enjoy the dynamics between Miles and Faraday. Miles is all sarcasm and fear, while Faraday tries to soothe and coax a positive attitude out of him. Miles also often provides some comedic relief and I truly appreciate that.
  • Locke can't shoot at any of the Others because he's their leader. . . in some time period.
  • Juliet: "Richard's always been here."
    Sawyer: "How old is he?"
    Juliet: "Old."
  • I had to chuckle at the sight of Faraday shuffling around the H-bomb. He seems like such a funny, scrawny little kid. It's a nice contrast from the macho-ness of Jack and Sawyer (not that I'm complaining about Jack and Sawyer). Faraday tries to convince Ellie that he's from the future and he knows the bomb will be buried because "50 years from now, this island is still here."

  • Like a total badass, Desmond goes to see Widmore. I wanted to cheer during this scene! Remember another time when Desmond is in Widmore's office and Widmore makes him feel so worthless? Not anymore! Widmore hands Desmond Faraday's mother's information and then tells Desmond not to put Penny's life in danger. Really, Widmore?! That's a hoot, coming from him. He says Desmond is getting involved in something that goes back many many years, and has nothing to do with him.
  • Man! Richard Alpert must be one effed up dude. Going through all that time shifty stuff for ages.
  • Locke tells Alpert that Jacob sent him and he hands him the compass, as he'd been instructed to do. Then he implores Alpert to tell him how to get off the island. And then, when Locke tells Alpert that he's their leader, Alpert says they choose their leaders at a much younger age. Locke then explains that actually, he's not even born yet and that if Alpert doesn't believe him, he can come visit him. As we know, Alpert does visit him — right when Locke's born and also when Locke's a child and Alpert tests him to find out which of a collection of items is "already" his. Of course, Alpert is frustrated when Locke picks the knife over the compass in that scene.
  • The young Others guy, who held Juliet and Sawyer at gunpoint is a young Charles Widmore. This made my head spin just a lil' bit. I also think that's an awesome twist.
  • In the end, Penny says she and Charlie will just have to go with Desmond as he searches for Faraday's mother.
  • The time shift thing happens again and the whole Others camp area disappears. But then Charlotte freaks out, nose bleeding etc., just like Minkowski did in that initial time warpy Desmond episode.
  • Faraday knows a lot of stuff. Do you think his intentions are good?

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