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Lost Episodes 1 & 2, "Because You Left" and "The Lie"

Lost Episodes 1 & 2, "Because You Left" and "The Lie"

Welcome back to TV, Lost! It's like seeing an old friend. A sort of baffling, schizo friend, but nice and familiar all the same. We've got dual stories going on right off the bat this season with the Oceanic Six in 2007 being asked to go back to the island while the Losties of 2004 deal with the strange goings-on of the island.

Anything more would be a spoiler. If you need a detailed recap of the season premiere, check out Lostpedia. For some of my thoughts and to share your own,


  • So, this episode is all Ben being like, "let’s go back to the island!" and the island is all "here’s some white light and now guess what time you're in. . . I'm totally messing with you." Ben keeps insisting that the Oceanic Six need to go back, and Richard Alpert confirms this to Locke, saying it's the only way to save the island.
  • Richard Alpert also says this means Locke has to die — whaaaa . . ?
  • I did have to laugh at Locke's distressed, "When am I?"
  • Jack's down with going back and in the end Ben manages to get Sayid, too, but Hurley (who throws a hot pocket at Ben's face — and Ben doesn't even flinch!) isn't having it and gives Ben a firm "Never, dude."
  • The whole thing opens with Marvin Candle/Pierre Chang waking up (at 8:15 a.m., natch) to give a bottle to a baby and putting on a record that starts to skip. Later, Daniel Faraday explains that it's like the island is a record that started skipping when Ben did his thing at the Orchid station — hence the time travel. I really appreciate that visual, actually. I like a good analogy, especially when it makes the craziness of Lost more accessible.
  • Filed under Other Things I Like: Sawyer. I was glad that Faraday didn't give Sawyer his shirt (what kind of trade is that? Clothed Sawyer and shirtless Faraday? No, thank you!). And Sawyer's nicknames are like music to my ears. He calls Charlotte "Ginger" and Faraday "Whiz Kid," before later calling him "Dr. Wizard" — only to have Miles correct him "I think it's Mr. Wizard." And is it bad that I laughed (just a little) when Sawyer slapped Faraday across the face?
  • Desmond is also looking fine these days (especially on the boat!). Just saying.
  • Speaking of Desmond, he has a memory of a time-traveling Daniel Faraday telling Desmond to find Faraday's mother at Oxford. One thought is that Mrs. Hawking (the white-haired woman at the end whom we've seen before selling Desmond an engagement ring for Penny) could also be Faraday's mother. She does do some maths on the blackboard (while wearing a hood).
  • Also, what's up with Mrs. H. and Ben? She tells him he's got 70 hours. He tells her that he lost Hurley and what happens if he can't get all of them to come back? She replies, "Then God help us all."
  • Hurley tells his mom that he and the others in the Oceanic Six lied about what happened after the crash. He then gives basically a 30-second recap of the entire Lost series! He also sums up Sayid pretty well: "He is my friend. But he’s also got this double life where he does crazy ninja moves and spy stuff. But he’s a good guy." Hurley's having some regrets about the whole lying thing. His mom is so sweet. I love this scene.
  • Meanwhile (or. . . mean-sometime), Sawyer and Juliet are being zipped around time on the island and struggling to understand it while also trying not to be shot with flaming arrows or have their hands cut off by Others. The Sawyer-Juliet duo is a formidable force, I think. She's smart and tough and he's all action and impulsiveness. I'm liking it.
  • That Neil "Frogurt"'s a bit of a wet blanket, no? Or. . . he was. . .
  • Angela Chase's dad! Sorry, Tom Irwin will always be the dad on My So-Called Life to me. Anyway, he shows up in "Because You Left" as Dan Norton, one of the shady dudes trying to find out if Aaron is truly Kate's son. No such luck with the blood samples as Kate takes off with Aaron, and then ends up getting together with Sun (in a room with a sweet view) who tells her she doesn't blame Kate for what happened to Jin on the freighter. She also urges Kate to do what she has to do to protect Aaron.
  • Jill is the name of the blond butcher lady who gets a visit from Ben who needs her to, you know, watch Locke's rotting corpse. Another day, another corpse to watch. Because nothing in this show is meaningless, what's Jill's deal?
  • Oh! And Charlotte! As Phil commented in yesterday's Lost post, "she seems to have the same type of temporal displacement disorder that Desmond had and that killed Minkowski." Her nose starts to bleed and she's forgotten her mother's maiden name. I can't wait to find out what happens with her.
  • I jumped at the sight of Ana Lucia in her old cop uniform standing at Hurley's window! And then there's this: "Oh yeah, Libby says 'hi.'"
  • Aaaaaand now I'm on the hunt for an "I (heart) My Shih Tzu" t-shirt.

OK, that's all I can process for now. Two hours is a lot of Lost! Good Lost, but just a lot. What did you think of the fifth season premiere?

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