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"On the Lot" Elimination: Three Directors Booted

"On the Lot" Elimination: Three Directors Booted

If anyone had asked me who would be cut after the one-minute comedy challenge on "On the Lot," I would have guessed that Kenny, Marty and Jason would be going home. Yet, somehow, all of them are still in after Tuesday's elimination — and Jason's borderline offensive short that possibly poked fun at the mentally challenged actually ended up in the top three. Dear America: What on earth are you smoking?

Given the dismal ratings "On the Lot" has gotten so far, maybe I can chalk Tuesday's depressing eliminations up to the fact that only about 17 people voted — and 17 people who drove Wild Hogs to No. 1 at the box office, at that. Either that, or there's a Vote for the Worst-style conspiracy already at work, because there is no reason that darling Frodo look-alike Phil should have been booted while Mr. Kenny "Wack Alley Cab" Luby gets to stay.

Along with Phil, Carolina and Claudia were ousted on Tuesday's show. I liked Carolina's film a lot but I worried it would be forgotten coming so early in the show and so close to the much more memorable vomiting aliens. I'd be OK with Claudia's elimination, if not for the fact that there are so many worse filmmakers who should have gone home first. (Kenny, Marty, I'm looking at you.) The only thing restoring my faith in people is that the other two films in the top three — Will's Lucky Penny and Zach's Danger Zone — both deserved their honors.

Between the bizarre eliminations and Adrianna Costa's too-perky voice, synchronized hand motions and long pauses cribbed straight from the "American Idol" songbook (never have I appreciated Ryan Seacrest so much), I think the elimination show was one of the longest hours of TV I've ever watched. Thank goodness future "box office results" shows will only be 30 minutes, because seriously, that was painful. What did you think?

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