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"On The Lot" Recap: Action Movies! Bang!

"On The Lot" Recap: Action Movies! Bang!

In the continued effort by Fox to get "On The Lot" off the air as soon as humanly possible, last night's episode started off by kicking off two contestants. Now, we knew the double boot was coming and I assume its here to stay (until the final two, obviously) meaning that we are a mere four weeks until this nonsense is over and, as I'm sure Fox hopes, forgotten. That being said, last night's Action movies didn't make me embarrassed for the filmmakers! Progress!

As Buzz hoped and predicted, Shalini and Hilary were eliminated, leaving us with only men in the final six. Gary must be so heart broken, and lord knows how Adrianna will dress now that she's the only woman in town. Sigh.

The guest judge was director Antione Fuqua (Shooter, Training Day), who clearly knows how to make an action movie, but isn't so good at criticism. To be fair though, that is still more than I can say for Carrie and Gary.

  • First up was Sam with Key Witness, which stylistically reminded me of Marty Martin's work, and not in a good way. There was a plot, though not much of one — something about a bounty hunter and a key witness. Carrie rightfully said that the action overwhelmed the story and that he should be used to dealing with a short amount of time. Antione said it was style over substance and cliched. Gary said it kept him on the edge of the seat.
  • Jason, who I admit I've held a grudge against since his first film, made a surprisingly endearing movie called Sweet about a guy's journey to buy a last minute anniversary present for his wife. I'm loathe to admit it, but he's really improved. Carrie loved it. Antione appreciated that "action doesn't have to be violence." Gary rambled something about the flowers in the film not being nice enough.

To hear about the other four action films for the night and my elimination predictions just

  • Andrew's Zero to Sixty was about a car salesmen who inadvertently becomes involved in a high speed car chase while still trying to make the sale. Carrie liked it. Antione thought there was too much "squealing." Gary suggested that Andrew switch hats with Jason (literally).
  • Kenny, who has never ever made a worthwhile film in the competition continued his streak with The Losers about a dad who tries to avenge his son's honor by taking on a cool kid in a downhill skateboard race. Seriously. Carrie likes his eye but not his ear. Antione didn't love. Gary was bewildered by the presence of the rubber lizard, but thought it was "wild" and "unique." To be fair, that lizard was weird.
  • Last up was Mateen with Catch in which a man tried to save the day by catching the thief of a pretty street performer's donations. Carrie thought it was his most "relatable" film. Antione said he liked it and made cryptic comment about "the first time he saw the movie" (so the judges see them beforehand?). Gary made a somewhat off-color remark about stealing a hat full of money being a big deal "in the Bronx" but not elsewhere. Yikes.

My guess is that we are (and should be) saying goodbye to Kenny and Mateen. Though, Andrew could very well get the axe, too. For better or for worse, it looks like Jason is here to stay. So which movie did you like best? Are you sad that all the women are out so soon? Is anyone still watching?

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