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"On the Lot" Recap: Six Short Comedies

"On the Lot" Recap: Six Short Comedies

Sadly, my local Fox affiliate showed baseball last night instead of "On the Lot," so I didn't get to see Mark Waters judging after all. (And the home team didn't even win. Thanks a lot, Giants.) I've done my best to catch up with the clips available on the show's official site, but if I missed anything big, please tell me.

Here's what I gather about the early part of the show: 1) Adriana and Garry visited the directors' house to tell Jess that her horror film from a tree's perspective hadn't flown with America and she'd be going home, and 2) Adriana wore even less clothing than usual. As for the films:

  • Shalini started things off with Dr. In-Law, about a guy who takes his non-English-speaking father-in-law to a doctor's appointment and spitefully leads him to be examined in a particularly unpleasant way. You know, if I were to have made a list of contestants I thought could get through this competition without making a butt joke, Shalini would have been at the top of my list. But no.
  • Adam came next with Discovering the Wheels, about cavemen who suddenly have a car appear in the middle of their community and take it for a test drive, only to end up being zapped back and forth in time. I'm sorry, was that just one big car commercial? Plus, in the battle of "On the Lot" caveman references, I still prefer Sam's Replication Theory.

To see my thoughts on the other four,

  • I really thought Will was going to attempt a film with dialogue this time, but Nerve Endings was another essentially silent film, this one about a surgeon who realizes that by pressing down on different parts of a guy's brain during surgery, he can make the patient kick and dance. It was a little gross but still cute and well-made, with a strong directorial voice. On the other hand, though, it's also starting to feel like I've seen all of Will's tricks.
  • Hillary made Under the Gun, about a woman who decides to rob a sperm bank at gunpoint (sperm bank, get it?). I keep thinking I expect more from Hilary, but I don't really know why, since it's not like any of her other films have been so impressive. This was my favorite of hers so far, but it still was really over-the-top and didn't make me laugh aloud.
  • David brought us How to Have a Girl, about a couple that discovers that having sex in certain positions will determine the gender of their child. The gag is that the man wants a boy, and the woman wants a girl, so there's a lot of uncomfortable struggling and rolling around. I thought it was a mess — first too much build-up with too little explanation of what was going on, then too much poorly simulated sex. Eh.
  • Zach closed out the night with Die Hardly Working, about coworkers who start a make-believe war in their cubicles. I thought this was the best of the night, in large part because of his actors, who really sold their pantomimed gunfire. Still, Zach seems more like the one to beat every week.

So, whose films did you like? What did I miss? Did Garry say anything coherent?

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