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"On the Lot": Trever Leaves — Please Let Kenny Be Next

"On the Lot": Trever Leaves — Please Let Kenny Be Next

I suppose it wouldn't be a Fox reality show without an insanely drawn-out elimination, and that's exactly how the latest episode of "On the Lot" rolled. Within the first few minutes, we learned that Hilary and Trever were the bottom two from last week — what did I tell you? — but then we had to wait all the way to the end of the show to find out who was actually gone. At least it was an hour of movies and not filler. In the end, Hilary lived to direct another week, while Trever said his goodbyes. Whatever will Adrianna do without her man candy?

This week's guest judge was David Frankel of The Devil Wears Prada fame, who continued the trend of guest judges offering actual insightful criticism (ahem, Garry and Carrie). As for the films themselves, I thought this week's crop was pretty mediocre — not a Dough: The Musical in the bunch.

  • Adam was first up with Polished, about a janitor who plots revenge on those who take him for granted. He tells us he had to plan his wedding at the same time he shot this movie, and yet he said it turned out to be the best thing he's ever done. I loved his main character, but the movie dragged a bit for me. Carrie thought it was sweet; David said it wasn't even Adam's best film of the competition; Garry said it was very, er, polished.
  • David went next with Love at First Shot, about a nerd who hires Cupid to intercede during a bad date. It was nice to look at, but the movie didn't make me laugh once. And really, people, what's with the poo jokes? Carrie said it was too derivative; David said it wasn't funny; Garry said it was a universal story but the pacing was off.

To see how the other three directors fared and hear who I think will be heading home,

  • Shira-Lee gave us Beeline, a movie about a single mom getting back into dating, starring a kid payed by her own son. It was a pretty tired story, but I loved the idea that a mom in a puffy coat and silly hat could be getting that much action. Carrie said she should have just called it Slut Mom; David said it made him laugh; Garry said he loved the New York shots and the pacing.
  • Marty — who seriously needs to stop being such a pompous ass — made Dance with the Devil, a thriller of some sort. Visually, it was pretty awesome with all the green tones and sudden motions, but I don't know what was up with the random subtitling or the baffling story. Carrie said the style was strong but distracting; David said if he wants to be Spielberg he has to tell Spielberg-sized stories, and this wasn't one; Garry said he should go deeper into the characters next time.
  • Kenny "Wack Alley Cab" Luby finished out the night with Edge on the End, about a kid who has a crisis following the death of his father. I thought it simply reeked of student film, with pseudo-deep imagery of waterfalls and smashing beer bottles. Carrie pulled out the Paula Abdul "criticism" technique by telling him he was cute; David said it was more music video than movie but showed talent; Garry quoted Proust, then told Kenny to stay unique.

If it were up to me, Marty or Kenny would be going home, but my instinct says Kenny will get the emo teen vote and Marty will slide by on his style. So, realistically, I think David will be out next week. What did you think? Any standouts? Any obvious bombs? Thoughts on why the guest judges are so much better than Garry and Carrie?

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