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"On the Lot": Well, At Least Something Good Happened

"On the Lot": Well, At Least Something Good Happened

"On the Lot," the stinker of a series for which I once had such high hopes, finally limped to its finish last night. But at least something good came out of the whole sorry mess: Will Bigham, the sentimental favorite and one of the few directors who deserved to win, came away with the $1 million deal with Dreamworks. And despite my expectations that he'd find some way to worm his way out of appearing, Steven Spielberg did actually show his face to meet Will and welcome him to Dreamworks — though he seemed less than enthused to be there.

Other than that, the final show was — like far too many of the episodes this season — kind of a waste of time. A few amusing things did happen, though:

  • The vote total was up 60 percent over the previous record for the series — though Adrianna still didn't give any numbers. Also, apparently the Internet voting system went down for the finale. How appropriate.
  • It was nice to see all of the finalists (except Carolina and Claudia, who were off making films somewhere) back on stage. Each of the final three got to pick one film from another director to screen on stage, so Zach, Mateen and Hilary got an encore.
  • The shout-out to the actors who were in the films each week made me wonder, yet again, why we never learned more about how the films were put together. For a show about directors, we sure didn't see very much directing.
  • I think Carrie Fisher's amazing put-down of Jess's horror film about a tree might be the best thing to come out of this series: "That was my least favorite thing next to adolescence and being left by a man for a man." Zing!
  • In the end, I'm glad Will has this deal, though I'm curious what one can actually do with a $1 million development contract in Hollywood these days. For those of you who stuck it out to the end: Was it a worthy finish?

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