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The Lucky Ones Trailer

Movie Preview: The Lucky Ones

"Well of course it is — war is messy. It can't be all perfect!"

Despite the use of one of Sarah McLachlan's sappiest tunes and the three-strangers-thrown-together-on-road-trip shtick, The Lucky Ones looks like a really good movie. The movie stars Rachel McAdams, Tim Robbins, and Crash's Michael Peña as Iraq War soldiers who return home and end up on a road trip together. What I already like about this movie is the attempt to tackle — through a quirkier lens than usual — a subject that American moviegoers have been reluctant to see thus far.

I really like the montage of people saying thanks to the three upon learning they're soldiers, and the awkwardness that ensues ("Thank you!" "No...thank you."). It seems to perfectly capture — without use of a heavy hand — how strange it must feel to reintegrate into American society after being away at war. Rachel already seems pitch-perfect in this role, and I have a feeling people will be talking a lot about Peña once The Lucky Ones hits theaters on September 26.

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