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The Funniest Quotes of the MTV Movie Awards

Apr 14 2014 - 10:00am

The MTV Movie Awards [1] are Hollywood's most irreverent award show, with lots of unscripted and funny moments from its presenters and winners. Host Conan O'Brien [2] had his own hilarious quips, but everyone else gave him a run for his money, too — see the funniest quotes of the night!

Conan O'Brien

"I will personally send a dick pic to the teleprompter." — On the punishment for long speeches

Seth MacFarlane

"So far, this is going just like the Oscars." — The past Oscars host, on the awkwardness of his presentation

Rita Ora

"Please have your top off." — Making a humble request of the best shirtless [3] performance nominees

Jared Leto

"I'm a good snuggler." — The golden popcorn winner, offering to share his tent at Coachella

Conan O'Brien

"Nick Lachey [4], my eyes are up here." — On his sweet bod

Jonah Hill

"Is he laughing? Is he laughing?" — Making sure his digs at Channing Tatum [5] didn't go too deep

Nicki Minaj

"Matthew McConaguhey, I got a pair of bongos you can play." — Honoring best male performance nominee McConaughey

Will Poulter

"P.S. You look like a dorky Tin-Tin." — Reading a text from We Are the Millers costar Jennifer Aniston [6]

Channing Tatum

"I got the dick pic. I gotta go." — Being shooed off the stage

Zac Efron

"That was awesome. It was a little hard to watch, but it was awesome." — On Seth Rogen [7]'s kiss with his "mom"

Mark Wahlberg

"This is the you're too f*cking old to come back award." — Winning the Generation Award

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