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Mad Men, "The Gypsy and the Hobo": This Week's 5 Maddest Moments

Mad Men, "The Gypsy and the Hobo": This Week's 5 Maddest Moments

You know how everyone's always talking about how Mad Men is a slowly simmering pot, leaving you waiting for things to bubble to the surface? One of the show's major plot points, Don Draper's identity, bubbles to the top, finally. And how ironic for it to happen on Halloween eve . . .

The show is an intense marvel this week, living up to its Best Drama Emmy, and I'm ready to chat about it, so to see the five maddest moments (spoilers ahead), just


  • "It's a lie so big": — Betty doesn't let her Don/Dick revelation from last week lie, and she seeks advice from her lawyer, who basically tells her to stay in her marriage unless she feels threatened. I worried that this was far as it would go, until she womans up and confronts Don when he comes home one night. He tells her everything, including that his mother was a prostitute and that his brother Adam committed suicide — and his role in it. Betty is confused, but more sympathetic than I expected.
  • The life and times of Roger Sterling: — Roger gets a blast from the past when an old flame, Annabelle Mathis, calls on the firm to help her horse farm/dog food company, Caldecott farms. Roger is cool at first, but his dinner with Annabelle reveals that she left him heartbroken as a young man — a rare insight into Sterling's silver fox facade. When she tells him he was The One, and he replies, "You weren't," I said "Ouch" as she says "Oh." Sigh. It seems to be a Roger's love life retrospective, as he even fields a call from Joan. I need more of this.
  • Roses: Joan asserts herself in an entirely physically aggressive way when she bashes a vase of roses over her husband's head. Why the violent response? He told Joan she never had to give up anything, never had to leave behind a dream. Hey, Joan's last nerve? Greg just found it. (And P.S., it's weird to hear Joan call herself by her married name, Joan Harris, but I love that Roger names Joan's husband "Dr. Cutup.")
  • Suzanne who? — While Don comes clean of his entire existence to Betty, Susie is waiting in the car. "Did you get caught?" she asks. "It's more complicated than that," he answers. And how. Apparently it's over for now, but we'll see.
  • Army wife — Greg drops the first real Vietnam bomb of the series, as we wait for the '60s to explode. He's taking a job in the army, and my gut tells me this will not end well for the Harrises.

Didn't the last line from the neighbor asking, "Who are you supposed to be?" to Don and Betty hit hard? What did you think of the Draper's tense conversation? Oh, and if you want to talk more about the show, join the Mad Men group in the community!

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