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Mad Men Is Almost Back! Here's a Refresher on Where We Left Off

Apr 8 2014 - 7:00am

We're so close to the premiere of Mad Men [1]'s seventh season, we can practically taste the aged whiskey. The recently released pictures of the first episode [2] provide little clues as to where the characters are going, but before we speculate, let's look at where they've been. Season six is a doozy for everyone, so let's catch up on where we last saw Don, Peggy, Roger, Megan, the mysterious Bob Benson, and the rest of the main characters.

Roger Sterling

Roger is making moves to get back with Joan! The season finale finds him in the midst of family drama as his grown daughter decides he's stingy and doesn't want anything to do with him. Instead of dwelling, Roger heads to his other family: Joan and their love child. She lets him come to Thanksgiving dinner, but does that mean they're finally together for good?

Pete Campbell

Pete has a rough go of things in season six: his marriage falls apart, his mother marries her sketchy caretaker and falls overboard on a cruise, and he's got some competition moving in on his territory at work. He ends the season with the decision to pack up and move to California.

Betty Francis

After sporting a heavier look at the beginning of season six, Betty drops some serious poundage, and she and Don hook up while visiting Bobby at Summer camp. The last we really saw of her is when she takes Sally on a tour of a boarding school and offers her daughter a cigarette on the ride home.

Don Draper

Don's on the verge of a very interesting season. He finishes season six by waking up from a bender, telling Megan they're moving to LA, and divulging the details of his sordid childhood to Hershey's executives during a pitch meeting. He's then asked by the partners to take some time off, and he goes back on the idea of moving to LA, ending the season by taking his kids to see the whorehouse he grew up in. His life can really only improve from here, especially if he finally decides to take care of his severe drinking problem.

Megan Draper

One of the big questions going into season seven is whether Megan and Don are still together. She's livid with him after he gives away the position in California. She had already envisioned how moving there would take her career to the next level and possibly repair her and Don's crumbling marriage. Will she stay in New York with her husband, or is Megan moving on?

Sally Draper

After walking in on her father about to do the deed with their neighbor Sylvia, Sally has had enough of her family. She wants to go to boarding school, but she's already heading down a bad path. She gets suspended for buying beer, and once home, her father takes her to see his old house for the first time. Will his honesty be able to mend his and Sally's relationship?

Bob Benson

Bob doesn't appear in any of the season seven promo pictures [3], but I'm hoping that doesn't mean he's not there this year. Last we saw him, he's yelling into the phone (in Spanish) about Pete messing up his future. Duck finds out Bob's résumé is fudged, and though Pete and Bob call a truce, Bob sets him up for embarrassment in front of the GM executives in Detroit.

Joan Harris

Now that she's a partner, Joan is trying to get further into the business side of the agency. She skips through the chain of command while trying to pursue the Avon account, but she's still learning the ropes. Meanwhile, as previously mentioned, she and Roger might be heading for romantic reconciliation.

Peggy Olson

The sixth season finale is a big episode for Peggy. After a season of trying to deny their attraction to each other, she and Ted hook up. He tells her he's going to leave his wife, she gets excited, then he decides against the divorce and begs Don to let him take the position in California. It's a bummer all around for Peggy, but she's looking pretty good in the season seven premiere pictures [4]!

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