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25 Sexy Things We're Hoping to See in Magic Mike XXL

Oct 11 2014 - 5:30am

We have quite a few details about Magic Mike XXL [1], but there is still a lot yet to be revealed. The sequel to the 2012 hit has been filming [2] in South Carolina, and we're already flashing back to the unforgettable stripping sequences from the first movie. Clearly there will be a new story arc and new characters [3], in addition to Channing Tatum [4] (who is also cowriting), Matt Bomer, and Joe Manganiello. In honor of Matt Bomer's birthday this Sunday, here's our wish list for what we hope to see even more of in the coming sequel, due out July 3, 2015.

Matthew McConaughey Letting Ladies Break the Law

Channing Tatum and This Sledgehammer

Sexy Fireman Joe Manganiello

Army-Themed Dance Routines

Matt Bomer Doing Things That Are Borderline Illegal

Professional-Level Crotch-Thrusting

Uncontrollable Jacket-Tossing

Matt Bomer Being Da King of Da Club

Alex Pettyfer Shyly Pulling Down His Briefs

Sick Dance Moves

Close-Up Shots of Sick Dance Moves

Pantsless Cowboy Matthew McConaughey

Flashbacks to Channing Tatum's Step Up Days

Channing Tatum Knowing How Sexy He Is

Matt Bomer as a Life-Size Ken Doll

Whatever This Floor Dancing Is

Matt Bomer Tousling His Own Hair Playfully

A Plethora of Knowing Looks From Matt Bomer

An Excessive Amount of Gyrating in Ladies' Faces

Matt Bomer Shaking That Tush

So Much Gleeful Pants-Dropping

Matthew McConaughey Just Keepin' on Livin'

Extreme Shirt-Ripping in Slow Motion

Generally Outstanding Choreography

And of Course, Channing Tatum's Bare Booty

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