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Mark Ruffalo Avengers Interview (Video)

Mark Ruffalo Talks About His "Dope" Hulk Transformation in The Avengers

In addition to playing a superhero in The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo had an extra challenge: he's the only newcomer to the core cast. I sat down with him at the press day for the film, where Ruffalo talked about how he grew up with the Hulk and why he was nervous to take on the role. He also mentioned how excited he was to see himself transform on the big screen, though his daughter was a bit frightened to watch her dad turn into the big green guy.

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It's really satisfying when he starts to turn into the Hulk. My daughter jumped up into my lap, she's like, "No. Why do you want to kill that lady?" What was your first exposure to the character in any capacity? Oh, man I was little pretty little. I think maybe when before I started to be able to read comic books there was a TV show comic cartoon called The Incredible Hulk on TV on Saturday mornings, with Captain America, Captain America cartoon, then later the TV show, The Incredible Hulk, Bill Bixby I had a lot of - I knew the mythology pretty well. So when you're watching it did you ever even for a second envision someday you playing the Hulk or thinking about, you know, possibly about it? I never thought that I would be playing The Hulk. I definitely played The Hulk at home you know. But I never thought that I would actually be doing it, I was actually very surprised when I got the call. So when you did get the call I mean, I know you were a little bit nervous because you have seen lots of other actors playing it. But how much hesitation did you have about passing up a huge blockbuster like this? I had a lot of hesitation and a lot of conflicted feelings about it. You know, and talking to Joss and Robert really pushed it. You know I really felt comfortable by the time I had committed to it and then the idea of getting the actual play of The Hulk was like another the important thing to me, because that was the one thing I could contribute too that no one had done before. And when you saw the film what were you most impressed by? I was impressed by how well Josh, put it all together, and how complex it was, and you know, it's pretty vast, and what it's after and how much is packed into it. And I was impressed by the structure of it, it's a really structure of it is not structure, and then the laughs were like the added, that just kind of like, polished the whole thing off. How many laughs we're in there and Hollywood really kept the audience enjoying the movie as a single entity. And how did it feel to kind of see your yourself transform into the Hulk for the first time? Dope. It was, you know, I worked a lot on that but then, you're doing it, and you don't know how it's going to end up turning out, but it's really satisfying when he starts to turn into the Hulk. My daughter jumped my lap and she said, no, why do you want to kill that lady? Well hopefully they liked it ultimately. Oh they loved it, the older ones loved it.

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