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Why Orange Is the New Black's John Bennett Deserves Your Crush

Jun 13 2014 - 7:00am

In the midst of all your Orange Is the New Black [1] binge watching, you may have found yourself falling even harder for John Bennett — aka actor Matt McGorry. Spoilers aside, John's storyline keeps getting more and more complicated, but even as you find yourself wrestling with how you feel about the character, you're still swooning over McGorry's sweet, shy smiles. Meanwhile, the actor's Twitter account [2] is filled with hilarious one-liners, his Instagram stream [3] features plenty of cute selfies, and the YouTube videos [4] he posted as a personal trainer and competitive body builder a few years ago make for some serious eye candy. Here's a look back at your John Bennett crush.

Source: Netflix [5]

At first you're like, "Who is this adorably awkward person?"

Source: Netflix [6]

And then you decide you definitely like him.

Source: Netflix [7]

You start getting excited when he's in a scene.

Source: Netflix [8]

And you swoon every time he smiles.

Source: Netflix [9]

You really identify with Daya's feelings.

Source: Netflix [10]

And you get a little bit (OK, very) jealous.

Source: Netflix [11]

You're in full-on crush mode.

Source: Netflix [12]

Your feelings are 100% magnified by THIS.

Source: Netflix [13]


Source: Netflix [14]

But then you get a little bit mad at him. (Just a little.)

Source: Netflix [15]

So you turn to actor Matt McGorry's Instagram account.

Source: Instagram user mattmcgorryofficial [16]

And realize that he also looks very, very good in a suit.

Source: Instagram user mattmcgorryofficial [17]

You love that he loves dogs.

And you love his caption, too: "Frankie is so cute that I want to punch myself in the face."

Source: Instagram user mattmcgorryofficial [18]

You can't handle the cuteness of his #tbt pictures.

Or the fact that he attributes his frosted-tips phase to *NSYNC.

Source: Instagram user mattmcgorryofficial [19]

There's also his adorable behind-the-scenes photos.

Source: Instagram user mattmcgorryofficial [20]

You're officially sold.

And then — wait, ohmygod — you find his old personal training videos.

Including that time he filmed himself showering.

You laugh and swoon and love everything about his fake Magic Mike 2 audition.

Yep, you're all about John Bennett/Matt McGorry.

But really, who isn't?

Source: Netflix [21]

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