Rosemarie DeWitt is cheating on Adam Sandler, Adam Sandler is searching for escorts in his area, Ansel Elgort is getting into fistfights, and Jennifer Garner is just plain lonely in the trailer for Jason Reitman's upcoming drama, Men, Women & Children. The movie boasts an impressive cast, yet no one actually speaks in this footage. Instead, the story is told through text messages, IMs, and emails. It's clear the message that Reitman is trying to get across, and he even says it at the end: "Discover how little you know . . . about the people you know." I'm looking forward to seeing more about the plot from the movie, and I'm especially curious about Elgort's storyline. Who is he looking at in the pictures online? Why is he crying? The film is out Oct. 3; check out the trailer below.

Front Page Image Source: Paramount Pictures