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Mindy and Danny's Funny and Flirty Road to Romance

May 7 2014 - 10:30am

The Mindy Project season three will premiere on Tuesday, and finally, Mindy and Danny are together, for real this time! Their road to romance hasn't been all perfect makeouts and rainbows, but that's OK. It's fitting for the couple, who has had kind of a rocky road with their feelings for each other — I mean, in the pilot, Mindy threatens to smack Danny, after all. So ahead of the new season, let's retrace our steps in how we got here, through the best Mindy and Danny GIFs.

As colleagues in the beginning, Mindy and Danny don't always have warm-fuzzy moments.

They have more antagonistic moments like this.

Then things shift a little bit, and they get a little friendlier.

Danny even once does Mindy the honor of being her gynecologist.

Airplanes are a special setting on this show, for moments like this one, when Danny reaches for Mindy's hand in a scary moment of turbulence.

They get cozy very easily when they once pretend to be together.

In the season one finale, Mindy is with Casey, but when she's hanging out with Danny, he almost kisses her. Almost.

We know you're just pretending to be weirded out by this kiss, Mindy.

In one of the funnier ways their relationship has morphed, Danny becomes Mindy's personal trainer.

He's tough, but gives her the sweetest compliment.

Remember when Danny learns a dance to an Aaliyah song as a present for Mindy? We still can't get over it.

She's touched, and so are we.

And in another hilarious situation, Mindy crashes at Danny's when she locks herself out of her place and completely invades his space.

Things get real when Danny helps Mindy write a sweet letter to Cliff, but he's clearly thinking of her.

And then this! After the turbulence freaks him out again, Danny seizes the moment and lays one on Mindy.

They almost make it off the plane and blissfully into her apartment.

Once that little issue of Cliff is out of the way, Mindy and Danny are free to go for it.

How adorable is this?!

We're dying over here.

When they're secretly seeing each other, things get cute — and weird.

Even breaking up with her, he's cute.

But then! Danny works hard at getting Mindy back, and he finally does it in the final moments of the season two finale, meeting her at the top of the Empire State Building.

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