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A Pretty Little Tribute to the Late Mona Vanderwaal

Sep 5 2014 - 5:30am

The shocking Summer finale of Pretty Little Liars [1] forced us to say goodbye to Mona Vanderwaal, and we're still reeling. We have to admit: although we never took her off our prime "A" suspect list [2], we were really starting to warm up to her. We liked that she was a little crazy and that she supplied some of the show's many bitch faces [3]. Moreover, we loved that, in the end, she helped the girls in their never-ending fight against "A." We've found plenty of reasons not to trust the Summer finale [4], but one thing's for sure: Mona's gone. Keep scrolling for all the reasons she'll be missed.

She Knew How to Rock It

She Couldn't Be Bothered by Fools or Haters

She Knew When It Was Time For a Smackdown

She Was a Little Bit Crazy

OK, She Was a Lot Crazy

Like Really, Really Crazy

And Yet, She Always Seemed So Sweet

And So Compassionate

"Oh, honey."

What She Lacked in Sanity, She Made Up For With Enthusiasm

She Knew How to Make Fun of Herself

She Did Not Have Time For ANY of Your Nonsense

She Had Great Taste

She Perfected Her "As If!" Face

She Knew Exactly When and How to Get Real

She Was a Strong, Independent Woman (Emphasis on Strong)

She Was Actually Really Smart

She Had the Evil Smile Down Pat

She Wasn't Afraid to Get a Little Vicious

She Could Switch From Sour to Sweet in a Split Second

She Knew When to Get Serious

She Could Spot Fakeness From a Mile Away

She Knew When to Drop a Truth Bomb, and How to Drop It

She Knew When She'd Gone Too Far

She Wasn't Afraid to Cut Right to the Chase

She May Have Been Evil, but She Was Kind of a Genius, Too

She Didn't Need Anyone but Herself

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