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All the Game of Thrones Moments That Scarred You For Life

Jun 24 2016 - 1:00pm

When it comes to emotions, Game of Thrones [1] really puts us through the ringer. Season four was absolutely no exception [2], and season five took things to a whole new level. Now that season six is coming to a close, we can safely say we're more emotionally damaged than ever. It's time to remind ourselves of the first rule of Game of Thrones: no one is safe, and there's no such thing as a happy ending. Keep scrolling as we look back at the most emotionally scarring moments from the show's entire run.

When Melisandre Takes Off Her Necklace and Suddenly She's Super Old

When Ramsay Feeds Walda and Her Newborn to the Dogs

When the Frankenmountain Slams That 1 Guy's Head Into the Wall

When Bran’s Direwolf Summer Dies Fighting the White Walkers

When Umber Proves He's Taken Rickon Stark Prisoner by Pulling Out Shaggy Dog's Head 

When Bran Is Watching Young Wylis Become Hodor While Present Hodor Holds the Door

When Hodor Dies

When the Mountain Rips One of the Soldiers' Heads Off in the Red Keep

When the Waif Stabs Arya in the Stomach a Lot

When Rickon Gets Hit Right in the Heart With an Arrow

When Davos Find the Ashes of Shireen's Burnt Body

When Ramsay Takes Sansa's Virginity and Insists Theon Watches

When Mance Rayder Starts Burning Alive

Thank you for putting us all out of our misery, Jon Snow.

When The Mountain Gouges Out Prince Oberyn's Eyes and Crushes His Skull

When Tyrion Murders Shay by Strangling Her

When Brienne of Tarth Rips Off The Hound's Ear With Her Teeth

When Jon and Ygritte Reunite, and Ygritte Gets Shot to Death by a Child

When Jaime Rapes Cersei Next to Joffrey's Corpse

When Daenerys Targaryen Orders the Crucifixion of 163 Slave Masters

When Joffrey Gets Poisoned, and His Face Turns All Purple and Veiny

When the Pregnant Talisa Stark Gets Gutted and Murdered

Source: Cartoon Network [3]

When Robb and Catelyn Stark Get Killed, Too

When We See the Severed Wolf Head on Robb's Headless Body

Source: Comedy Central [4]

Actually, Pretty Much the Whole Red Wedding in General

When We First See Jaime Lannister's Stump Hand

When Jaime Lannister's Hand Gets Chopped Off

Source: YouTube user OlanRogers [5]

When Melisandre Births a Shadow Baby, and It Kills Renly Baratheon

When Joffrey Kills Ros With His Crossbow

When Theon Greyjoy Fingers His Own Sister

Source: IFC [6]

When Lysa Breastfeeds Her Grown Son

When the Wildling Army Rapes All of Craster's Daughters

When Melisandre Puts a Leech on Gendry . . . Down There

When Theon Greyjoy Gets Castrated by Ramsay Snow

When Ned Stark Gets Beheaded in the Presence of Sansa and Arya

When Viserys Targaryen Gets a Headful of Hot, Molten Gold

When Jaime Shoves Bran From the Top of the Tower

So Basically, at This Point, You're Like This

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