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Movie Night: Going For the Golden Globes

So many movies, so little time. Thankfully, BuzzSugar is here to help you sort through them all! Each week, I'll choose a theme for a Movie Night and feature three must-see movies in keeping with that theme. This week's theme: Golden Globe Best Picture winners.

This year's Golden Globe winner for Best Picture Drama was Babel, a movie that reinforces the idea that emotion has no language. When I started looking back at the Best Drama winners over the past 10 years, I noticed that many of the Globe winners seem to address this universality of emotions, and three of my favorites really stood out. For the best Best Picture, Drama, winners over the past decade, the winners are...

American Beauty
This 2000 Golden Globe winner brings us a tale of the seemingly perfect, suburban Burnham family. Beneath the surface, however, all-American dad Lester (Kevin Spacey) is bored to the point of hopeless depression. While his wife (the incredible Annette Benning) comes rapidly unhinged, Lester begins to obsess over his teenage daughter's friend. Meanwhile, the daughter, Jane (Thora Birch), starts a friendship with the quiet, artsy boy next door who lives with his homophobic father. Not only is the screenplay extremely well-written, but the cinematography is also so gorgeously moving it lends a timelessness to this sad yet compelling portrait of "the good life" in American suburbia.

To see the other two,

The Hours
The 2003 Best Drama winner, The Hours, is an adaptation of a superbly written novel by Michael Cunningham, which weaves together the lives of three women from three different time periods. Nicole Kidman deservedly won the Oscar for Best Actress for her portrayal of Virginia Woolf, a gifted writer battling depression in the 1920s. Julianne Moore plays Laura Brown, a 1950s housewife struggling with the weight of being a mother and wife first, an individual second. In yet another moving performance, Meryl Streep plays Clarissa Vaughn, a modern-day Mrs. Dalloway living in Manhattan and caring for her terminally ill ex-lover. As the characters attempt to figure out what it means to be a 20th century woman, each actress delivers a remarkable performance, using sensitivity, intelligence, and strength to buffer the self-pity that might have diminished the characters in the hands of less skillful actresses.

Brokeback Mountain
Last year's winner, Brokeback Mountain, has been fodder for seemingly endless parody, and at times it borders on overly sentimental. Yet it is still a stunning movie about a love that withstands time, conventional values, and even language, since the film depicts a relationship for which its participants are afraid to assign a name. Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger are cowboys working on Brokeback Mountain in 1963. Living and camping together every day and night, their friendship progresses into something deeper, and over the next 20 years, their efforts to hide the truth of themselves from their families and peers complicates their lives and their relationship.

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