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Movie Preview: Charlotte's Web

Movie Preview: Charlotte's Web

This Friday, the movie version of Charlotte's Web, E.B. White's beloved kids book, hits theaters nationwide. Many people, old and young, love this story about friendship and the circle of life, and the movie will probably do well, since it's opening around the holidays, when families have more free time to spend together. Many of the reviews sound mildly satisfied, though the consensus is that the book is still superior. It is such a let-down when widely-loved children's books are not given the respect they deserve (which is what I fear will happen with Bridge to Terabithia!). Check out the trailer below.

While the movie looks cute, it does seem wrong that Julia Roberts is the voice of Charlotte. I know, I know: It seems like I'm wary of Roberts portraying any character I like, but truthfully, Charlotte seems like more of a Judi Densch voice, or Meryl Streep, or maybe Susan Sarandon. She should exude warmth and wisdom, and Julia Roberts doesn't seem quite expressive enough. From the looks of this trailer, though, Steve Buscemi steals the show as the voice of Templeton the rat. What do you think about this movie? Would you take your younger family members to see it over the holidays?

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