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Movie Preview: Drillbit Taylor

Somehow, this movie, written by Seth Rogen (you know, the guy who co-wrote Superbad) and starring Owen Wilson, has been completely off my radar, despite the trailer coming out a few months ago. Now there are only a couple of months until Drillbit Taylor hits theaters and I'm surprised there's not more promotion for it — especially with Judd Apatow listed as a producer. What's weirder is that John Hughes (yes, The Breakfast Club John Hughes) has a writing credit for this movie.

The goofy comedy focuses on a man named "Drillbit Taylor" (Wilson) who's hired as a bodyguard by high school nerds, even though he's not really much of a tough guy himself. I predict Taylor helps the boys realize their own self-worth and confidence, etc. and they defeat the school bullies all on their own, with a bunch of raunchy humor and sight gags sprinkled throughout.

Drillbit Taylor opens March 21, so to check out the trailer,



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