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Movie Preview: Everything's Gone Green

Movie Preview: Everything's Gone Green

I'm a big fan of Canadian writer Douglas Coupland's books, which combine endearing slacker characters with snappy dialogue and completely insane screwball plots. It looks like Coupland has brought many of those same qualities to his first screenplay, Everything's Gone Green. The film, which is slowly making its way across the United States in limited release, centers on Ryan, a 20-something who loses his boring white-collar job and his boring white-collar girlfriend on the same day and ends up working for a cheesy magazine about the lottery. Then he meets Ming and her scammer boyfriend, Bryce, and ends up wrapped up in a crazy money-laundering scheme involving lottery winners. Add in the parents with the grow-op in the basement and plenty of gorgeous shots of Vancouver, and Green sounds like a typically quirky Coupland story — only with moving pictures and a soundtrack of Canadian indie rock. Here's where the movie is playing now, and to watch the trailer, read more

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