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Movie Preview: The Hangover

At first glance The Hangover seems to be yet another boys-will-be-boys bachelor party movie. And it's true that these particular boys go to Vegas and, as you might predict, have all sorts of wacky experiences — except they can't remember any of them. They just know they're hungover.

I thought this movie, opening June 5, would look dumber than it does, but this trailer had me bursting out laughing (admittedly, some of that laughter was mixed with a little bit of shame (Holocaust rings?!)). Some strong comedic actors (Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis) lead the show with a few randoms adding dashes of weirdness and fun (Mike Tyson?! What?). Plus, there's a baby. Wearing sunglasses. I can't really do this trailer justice so to see it for yourself,


Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

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