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Movie Preview: I Love You, Beth Cooper

This movie's premise, based on a book by Larry Doyle, makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. On the one hand, there's a nerdy guy who builds up the nerve to declare his love for a super hot cheerleader while giving his valedictorian speech at high school graduation. On the other hand, there's the cheerleader (of course played by Hayden Panettiere who is totally not typecast at all) who, instead of being alarmed by the young man's public declaration, appears at his doorstep to show him the night of his life. Of course!

The movie's directed by Chris Columbus who knows a thing or two about the teen beat (see also: The Goonies and Adventures in Babysitting), so there is reason to believe this could be fun.

I Love You, Beth Cooper hits theaters July 10. To check out the trailer,


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