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Movie Preview: New York, I Love You

I really enjoyed the movie Paris, je t'aime, partially because so many of the actors in it are wonderful, but also because I like the format of it. It's a bunch of short stories, each one set in a different neighborhood of Paris. Now there's a trailer for a follow-up to Paris, je t'aime, focusing this time on the romance/craziness/magic of the Big Apple: New York, I Love You.

There are so many well-known actors in this film, it makes me wonder if the few who are not in it feel left out. Chris Cooper, Julie Christie, Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Kevin Bacon, Christina Ricci, Shia LaBeouf, Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, and so, so many more. You can see the full list here, though as a warning, reading all of it might make your eyes tired. Also just like the French anthology, the short films are directed by some recognizable names, like Mira Nair, Bret Rattner, and Scarlett Johansson.

The trailer looks pretty freaking awesome and, to go along with the famous names involved, utilizes some catchy, familiar tunes. Apparently the film won't open until Feb. 13, 2009, but to check out the trailer anyway,


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tlewis tlewis 7 years
Yeah looks interesting except for the fact that New York seems to be made up of only white people and one Asian girl. You would think that the creators who came up with such a wonderful concept would be a little more forward thinking. Did anyone else notice this?
igotakickoutofit igotakickoutofit 8 years
i can't wait! :)
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 8 years
Looks amazing! Such a diverse and talented cast.
berrypeachie berrypeachie 8 years
Can't wait for this to come out! Paris, Je t'aime was adorable!!!
katvb89 katvb89 8 years
I love Shia. Cant wait to see it
sharshar sharshar 8 years
Yay! Can't wait to see it! :D
audreystar audreystar 8 years
This looks interesting. Can't wait.
fashion4ward fashion4ward 8 years
I'm SO excited! Some of my fave actors (Kevin Bacon, Anton Yelchin, Natalie Portman, Christina Ricci, Ethan Hawke and more and more...) Yay! I needed something to make me smile today!
Manoukia Manoukia 8 years
This one has Brett Ratner, yes. But it also has Yvan Attal, Fatih Akin, Mira Nair, Shekar Kapur and many good actresses and actors. So it has quite a lot to look forward to, despite Brett Ratner.
LolaSvelt LolaSvelt 8 years
Ooh the poster is funky. But the cast and directors are not better than the Paris one. The Paris one had high-class directing and acting. This one has Bret Rattner. Ew.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
UrbanBohemian - I didn't see your comment about how they are doing this anthology series for other cities, until after I posted mine. That is so awesome! I still haven't seen "Paris, je t'aime," I need to check that out.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Aww this movie looks so cute! I'm interested in seeing how all of the short stories intersect and being able to watch all of these great actors in one movie. I hope they incorportate this anthology idea for a lot of other major cities, it would be so awesome to see a San Francisco version! There so many distinct neighborhoods there...Haight Ashbury, Nob Hill, North Beach, Chinatown, the Tenderloin (LOL).
sfprgirl sfprgirl 8 years
So excited to see it!
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 8 years
I want them to do one about Chicago. :)
Angelica Angelica 8 years
I can't wait!
onholiday onholiday 8 years
SOOO excited for this. paris je t'aime is one of my all time favorite movies. im a little nervous about this one though...only because the 1st one was so romantic and perfect...but im excited to see how this one will turn out..
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i'm actually really excited about this movie. they were filming it here and so many different actors came to film parts. i also can't wait to see scar-jo's directorial debut and see what natalie portman was able to accomplish as well. i might have to track down the parisian version though - that sounds great as well!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
Looking forward to seeing this. I love New York!
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 8 years
Apparently the producers are doing a series on "I Love You" movies in very metropolitan cities; Paris, New York, Rio, and China. I loved "Paris Je T'aime" and as a former resident of New York for three years, I am so excited to see this movie!
EkaterinaBallerina EkaterinaBallerina 8 years
Bret Rattner? Sure-fire way to ruin anything. The rest of the cast/crew looks fantastic. I'll just have to figure out how to avoid whatever short story he directed in the film.
pinkmystic pinkmystic 8 years
Aw I cannot wait to see this. It reminds me a little of Sidewalks of New York (also had some familiar faces in that one).
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