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20 Movies That Totally Had Different Names You Never Knew About

Aug 22 2015 - 5:30am

Bradley Cooper [1] is playing a sexy celebrity chef in the restaurant-world-set drama in the trailer for Burnt [2], but before giving you a look at it, the movie's title went through a classic Hollywood makeover: a name change. It's a common practice — lots of well-known films have had their titles changed before they landed on the right one — and, of course, we couldn't imagine these movies any other way now. Find out what Burnt and these films could have been known as.

The To Do List

Aubrey Plaza's sexual education comedy The To Do List was originally titled The Handjob, but the racier-sounding movie allegedly couldn't get filming locations, because it sounded like they were shooting a porn film.


The Seth Rogen [3]/Zac Efron [4] comedy was previously known as Townies, which was appropriate for the college-town setting.

American Hustle

The award season juggernaut was originally only known as the Untitled David O. Russell Project, then was called American Bullsh*t, before settling on the no-censorship-necessary American Hustle.

No Strings Attached

The 2012 Ashton Kutcher [5]/Natalie Portman [6] romantic comedy was originally titled Friends With Benefits, which obviously had to be changed because the Justin Timberlake [7]/Mila Kunis [8] film with the same title (and same premise) was coming out the same year.

Pretty Woman

The Julia Roberts [9] classic was almost called $3,000, a reference to how much Vivian is initially paid for her time.

Big Miracle

John Krasinski [10] and Drew Barrymore [11]'s whale-saving 2012 movie was first titled the very on-the-nose Everybody Loves Whales.


The third Adam Sandler [12]/Drew Barrymore [13] romantic comedy was first called Blended, then changed to The Familymoon, before going back to its original title.

50 First Dates

Another Drew Barrymore [14]/Adam Sandler [15] flick, 50 First Dates, was retitled from the very similar 50 First Kisses.

How Do You Know

The Paul Rudd [16] and Reese Witherspoon [17] comedy went back and forth from How Do You Know to Everything You've Got and back again.

This Is the End

This 2013 comedy went through a few changes before settling on its final title. Based on the short film Jay and Seth Versus the Apocalypse, it was first known as The Apocalypse, then became The End of the World, after which Simon Pegg requested from Seth Rogen [18] that it be changed to avoid sounding too similar to Pegg's film The World's End, which also came out in the Summer of 2013.

American Pie

The 1999 comedy could have been known as East Great Falls High, the name of the school that Jim and the gang attend.


The Will Smith [19] matchmaker drama was originally known as The Last First Kiss, but market testing determined that it didn't appeal to men as much.

That Awkward Moment

This dating comedy was originally titled Are We Officially Dating?, which is pretty similar in tone to the new title, which refers to that awkward moment when the person you're dating would like to know if you're officially dating.

What If

This romantic indie was originally titled The F Word — the F word referring to "friends," which is what Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan's characters are.

Begin Again

The Keira Knightley [20] musical drama was previously titled Can a Song Save Your Life?

Edge of Tomorrow

The Tom Cruise [21] action vehicle was originally titled All You Need Is Kill, the name of the graphic novel it's based on.

The Drop

The crime thriller, which stars Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini, was originally known as Animal Rescue, taking its name from the Dennis Lehane short story it was based on.

St. Vincent

The Bill Murray [22] comedy was originally known as the longer St. Vincent De Van Nuys before shortening its title.


This 2012 movie starring Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf [23] was once titled the same as the book as it was based on: The Wettest County in the World.


Bradley Cooper [24]'s movie about a bad-boy chef, Burnt [25], was originally known by the name of Cooper's character: Adam Jones. Now it's known by a name that is unsettlingly close to Seth Meyers's best late-night bit [26].

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