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16 Moments That Prove Mrs. Doubtfire Will Always Be Hilarious

Apr 22 2014 - 1:36pm

A Mrs. Doubtfire sequel is in the works, but before we get all hot and bothered about that, let's take a minute to review what we love about the 1993 classic. It doesn't matter if you're 5 or 50; Robin Williams [1] is hilarious as Daniel, a down-on-his-luck dad hoping to hold onto partial custody of his kids when his wife (Sally Field [2]) decides to separate. In a stroke of genius, he enlists his brother to construct custom prosthetics to make him look like a nanny, and Mrs. Doubtfire is born. The family has grown up a lot [3] since the movie was released, but we'll always remember them as the Hillards. Take a look at the timeless moments we'll never forget.

When Daniel Throws the Ultimate Birthday Party

And Miranda Walks in and There's a Pony in the House

When Daniel Tries to Impress the Case Worker With His Skills

The Shampoo Sequence

And When He Does His Best Barbra Streisand Impression

When Mrs. Doubtfire Learns to Cook

And This Happens

When She Gets the Hang of Vacuuming

When Her Face Falls Off

But It's OK, Because She's the MacGyver of Facial Disguises

When Things Get Real at the Pool

And She Chucks Fruit at Pierce Brosnan For Being All Sexy

Then She Blames an Imaginary Hooligan

When Natalie Tells It Like It Is

This Whole Insane Scene

And Finally, This Generally Awesome Move

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