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My Week With Marilyn Video Review

Watch, Pass, or Rent Video Movie Review: My Week With Marilyn

Michelle Williams steps into the shoes of Marilyn Monroe in new release My Week With Marilyn, but does her performance warrant a trip to the theater? Watch the video review to find out if this drama is one you should watch, pass, or rent.

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Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. Britney Spears gushes over Ryan Gosling and Gwen Stefani, and admits she enjoys competing with Adele in PopSugar Rush. "if you feel it, let it happen, keep on dancing till the world ends..." (and bring under) Britney Spears will be dancing 'til her months-long tour ends next month in Puerto Rico, but Brit's busy schedule didn't stop her from giving a new interview to the UK's Stylist magazine where she sings the praises of several stars, including her fellow Mickey Mouse Club member Ryan Gosling. Britney and Ryan were on the show together in the early 90s, and it seems like Britney has followed Ryan's career ever since. She said she thinks he's an "amazing" and "wonderful little actor", that he has "that something" special, and that she is very happy for him. "Britney Spears and that's Ryan Reynolds." Earlier this year, Ryan appeared on Letterman where he identified his costars while joking about his own identity, and went on to say that while he got the part, he didn't think he really deserved it. "Somehow I got on and then when they hired me they realized I couldn't really dance or sing so they stopped using me on the show." Despite Ryan's self-deprecating statement about his early work, he can at least count his former costar as a big fan now. In the interview, Britney also admitted she's a big fan of Gwen Stefani, and said that she'd be her dream collaborator. Speaking of other singers, Brit said she thinks engaging in a little competition with other acts such as Adele is inspiring and makes her want to do better. Britney's interview with the mag wasn't all about her thoughts on other artists. She also mentioned that her dream vacation would be a ski trip with Jason Trawick and her two boys, and that one day, she'd like to go skydiving. Perhaps she can celebrate her upcoming 30th birthday with one of those activities!

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