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New Music on iTunes 2008-09-30 16:00:25

What to Download: New Music on iTunes

Tuesdays are big in entertainmentville: Not only do all the new DVD releases hit Netflix, but new music also pours into stores, including iTunes. So I take a spin through each week's iTunes music releases and pick out some albums and tracks worthy of a download. In addition to the songs and albums below, you can now download the Mad Men soundtrack and Jennifer Hudson's self-titled new album.

Foul-mouthed piano man: I've been patiently waiting for the new Ben Folds album, and so far, it sounds like everything I expected from the weirdo songwriter. A lot of the lyrics are dark in subject matter, and I like the tracks focused on relationships most, including his duet with Regina Spektor, "You Don't Know Me," as well as "Before Cologne" and "Cologne."

Soul singing: I am such a sucker for pretty, romantic, soulful tunes, and James Morrison, a singer from across the pond, delivers just that. Off his new album, I like, "If You Don't Wanna Love Me," "Love is Hard," and "You Make It Real." Maybe it's just the name, but he sort of reminds me of a young Van Morrison.

One more release still to come, so


Folk transformation: When I think of Tom Morello, I think Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, not folk music of the Bob Dylan variety — but that's what he's been up to recently, and his new album is getting great reviews. I like his voice, and the band behind him adds interesting depth. Songs I'm digging include "The Iron Wheel" and the title track, "The Fabled City."

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