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Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

  • Lost gets found on Thursdays. New time slot? No problem for Lost, which drew about 16 million viewers for its premiere. The debut of Eli Stone did pretty well, too — though we'll have to see if any of that was due to the promise of a Lost-related ad sometime during the show. In all, it averaged 11.6 million viewers.
  • SAG sets a record. The Screen Actors Guild awards pulled the show's best numbers ever for TBS and TNT, drawing 6.1 million viewers. That may not have been as big as some were expecting, but at least it was better than the sorry Golden Globes broadcast.
  • There she is . . . Miss America is still a ways from her glory days on network TV, but the show at least improved over its most recent airing on CMT, drawing 3.6 million viewers for TLC.
  • House rules. With its first new episode in almost two months, House rocked the ratings on Tuesday, drawing about 22.5 million viewers. Should be interesting to see what happens with Mira Sorvino guest-starring after the Super Bowl.
  • Did Truth have its moment? The Moment of Truth couldn't match its huge premiere this week, pulling in 17.8 million viewers this week compared to last week's 23.2 million.

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