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Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

  • Still a survivor? Though it's been winning its Thursday-night time slot for weeks, Survivor had a lackluster finale on Sunday — at least by traditional Survivor standards. The episode averaged 12.9 million viewers, not too shabby in the scheme of things but still the lowest-rated finale ever for the series.
  • CBS and ABC tied at 9 p.m. While Grey's Anatomy and CSI essentially tied for first in that timeslot, Grey's was down 7.39 million viewers compared to this time last year while CSI was only down about 2.7 million.
  • "Real" gossip trumps fake gossip. Not only did the season finale of The Hills draw almost a million more viewers than Monday's installment of Gossip Girl (3.7 million vs. 2.7 million) — it also had more viewers in the coveted 18-34 demographic than GG and One Tree Hill combined!
  • The Britney effect, take two. How I Met Your Mother didn't get quite the Britney bump it got in her first outing on the show, but it still pulled in 9.7 million viewers, over a million more than the previous week.
  • Idol chugs along. Wednesday's American Idol did a tiny bit better than last week with 22.9 million viewers but still represents a dip from last year. However, both Idol nights pulled in more viewers than any other show this week.

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