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Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

  • Wilting Daisies. Big bummer: The season premiere of Pushing Daisies drew just 6.3 million viewers, finishing fourth in its timeslot (yes, behind Knight Rider). ABC's other two Wednesday shows didn't fare much better, with Private Practice getting 8 million viewers and Dirty Sexy Money clocking in at 7.1 million viewers.
  • Sophomore slump. Also among the second-year shows with a less-than-stellar start: Chuck, which got just 6.8 million viewers for its premiere on Monday.
  • Slaying Showtime. The season premiere of Dexter set a new record for Showtime on Sunday, with 1.2 million viewers. Californication, meanwhile, got just over half a million viewers.
  • Emmy? Who cares! Mad Men was actually down this week with its first new episode since winning an Emmy. It recorded 1.6 million viewers, versus 1.9 million the week before the Emmys.
  • Not Desperate. Maybe it was the intrigue of the flash-forward, but Desperate Housewives returned strong on Sunday, with 18.4 million viewers. Brothers and Sisters was also strong with 12.4 million viewers.
  • No debating these ratings. Thursday's vice presidential debate drew a whopping 70 million viewers, a new record for any VP debate. Last Friday's presidential debate drew 52 million viewers.

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